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My Baby Monsters: kids stories, children music, children's books, kid art, & fun storytelling - old time radio movie - podcast show

My Baby Monsters: kids stories, children music, children's books, kid art, & fun storytelling - old time radio movie - podcastJoin Now to Follow

Listen to the stories of a child, then add your own ending. In addition to fun, this collaborative storytelling podcast and free coloring pages (created by a eight-year old girl and her dad) is an educational blend of playful learning and technology designed to help children, their parents, and educators around the world enhance their communication skills. So visit My Baby Monsters and become part of the story as you learn through kids' stories and imagination.

By A little girl and her daddy

Learning in Hand show

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The Learning in Hand Podcast features episodes to help teachers use iPhone, iPod touch, iPod, iPad, netbooks, and podcasting in their classrooms.

By Tony Vincent

Wizard of Oz show

Wizard of OzJoin Now to Follow

After a terrible tornado hits the Gale family’s Kansas farm, Dorothy Gale and her dog ToTo find themselves transported to the magical land of Oz. With the help of the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man, Dorothy battles the Wicked Witch of the West, finds the Wizard of Oz, and discovers there is no place like home. This Frank L. Baum children’s book served as the inspiration for the classic 1939 film.

By Frank L Baum

The Verbcast show

The VerbcastJoin Now to Follow

This series of twenty programmes will allow you to review and improve your knowledge of French verbs in four tenses: present, perfect, imperfect and future. The podcast uses relaxation techniques to help you learn. Join thousands of French students across the world who are "sitting back, closing their eyes, and suddenly knowing their French verbs!" This podcast was developed through the Partners in Excellence project which ran in East Ayrshire, North Ayrshire and Argyll & Bute. Funding for this project ceased in 2007.

By Mark Pentleton

English Through Stories show

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This podcast is for intermediate and advanced English as a Second Language learners who want to improve their English. Each podcast is an episode of a dramatic story in English but with explanations of the key words and phrases. Begin with the first episode and have fun while improving your English! English Through Stories is brought to you by the Center for Educational Development, which also sponsors English as a Second Language Podcast.

By Center for Educational Development

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Audio Book show

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Audio BookJoin Now to Follow

Ebenezer Scrooge, a mean old miser, is given a second chance to do right after being haunted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve in this Dickens classic. The Christmas Carol Audio Book.

By Charles Dickens

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly - The Audio Book show

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly - The Audio BookJoin Now to Follow

A timeless, terrifying tale of one mans obsession to create life -- and the monster that became his legacy.

By Mary Shelly

Ecogeeks : Untamed Science Video Podcast show

Ecogeeks : Untamed Science Video PodcastJoin Now to Follow

A science video podcast that explains science topics in a fun and exciting way. Not only is it great for science teachers to download and show in the classroom but they are ideal for the nature lover. All of our hosts and filmmakers are also trained biologists. This is a unique show made by biologists for nature lovers. The faces of the show, the ecogeeks, include Rob Nelson, Haley Chamberlain, Jonas Stenstrom, Hazen Audel, Suze Roots, and Danni Washington. All podcasts and supplemental material from the podcasts can be seen through our website: www.untamedscience.com

By Untamed Science

Dictionary.com Word Explorer show

Dictionary.com Word ExplorerJoin Now to Follow

Dictionary.com WordExplorer will provide information on word origination, definition, usage and history.

By Dictionary.com Podcaster

Perry Mason show

Perry MasonJoin Now to Follow

Perry Mason is a fictional defense attorney who originally appeared in detective fiction by Erle Stanley Gardner. This long running radio drama had several actors who played the famous lawyer starting with Bartlett Robinson and then followed by Santos Ortega, Donald Briggs, and finally John Larkin who played the famous attorney after 1947. The radio portrayal of Perry Mason is a far more involved lawyer then the one who became famous on TV, the radio version would rather swap gunshots with evildoers than sit in a boring courtroom, waiting for the deliberation! The show was only 10 minutes and was more intense and favored action than courtroom drama. Perry Mason ran 12 seasons and moved to TV in the late 1950's with the now famous portrayal by Raymond Burr. Each show follows a continues story line similar to soap operas. Join us as we join Perry Mason in crime mysteries and court room drama.

By Humphrey Camardella Productions