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Brand & New show

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Brand & New is a podcast produced by the International Trademark Association (INTA) and focused on innovation. Our host, Audrey Dauvet, shares a new topic every two weeks, on Tuesday—to inform and inspire listeners. Each podcast consists of an open dialogue with experts, visionaries, and influential people from all over the world in order to learn more about the evolution of the legal and intellectual property ecosystem, its concepts, and all actual or potential consequences. Because we consider innovation as a pillar of INTA’s 2018—2021 Strategic Plan, and because it is key to “walk the talk,” we invite you to follow Brand & New, to expand your knowledge about the transformation of this industry and to stay curious! Brand & New guests contribute to this podcast in their personal capacity and the opinions expressed (or experiences shared) are their own. They do not purport to reflect the views or opinions of INTA or its members.


HareKrishna.dk Podcast show

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Welcome to our audio page! Here you can listen to recent lectures from our Hare Krishna temple at Copenhagen, Denmark. We teach the highest education of self-realization based on the Vedic scriptures of ancient India, particularly the Bhagavad-gita and the Srimad Bhagavatam. Provided for your enlightenment by ISKCON Denmark, Founder-Acarya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

By HareKrishna.dk

MBA Podcaster show

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MBA Podcaster delivers relevant information and advice through biweekly audio segments for those planning to apply for a Masters in Business Administration. Topics include everything from a behind-the-scenes view of the admission's process to post-MBA job opportunities and current market trends. Guests include Deans of various business schools, alumni, corporate recruiters, MBA consultants and more. On each segment we go in-depth on a particular topic of interest to an MBA applicant and interview relevant experts to help make your application process more efficient and successful.

By Your Guide to Business School

The Stand Up Podcast show

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Welcome to The Stand Up Podcast The Stand Up Podcast, hosted by Jeff Harris, targets exclusively on all things that relate to College Admissions and specifically directed towards for profit education. The Stand Up Podcast produces interesting and entertaining conversations with guest from: industry experts legislators, all types of admissions representatives etc. The Stand Up Podcast discusses how to improve our student experience will never shy away from topics to add value for the admissions professional, on a monthly basis. The Stand Up Podcast is a long format style that is never encumbered by set time limits, so we can expand on ideas, and views and review the pros and cons of our guests. Your host of The Stand Up Podcast has spent 20 years in business as a entrepreneur and the last decade plus in college admissions. Jeff prides himself and is passionate about providing the best student experience available. Like many admissions professionals Jeff started as an eager admissions representative, Sr. Admissions Representative worked in leadership roles from admissions manager to, Director of Admissions. But nothing is more satisfying to Jeff then working with a student and or their family and witnessing them participate in the blueprint to their future.

By Jeff Harris

LearnItalianPod show

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Learn Italian with free podcasts. No need to attend a classroom lesson. Use LearnItalianPod.com to learn Italian when and where is most convenient for you. See how 5 minutes a day can make the difference!

By LearnItalianPod

Here's Why show

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I hear what you're saying, I follow your arguments, but you're wrong; Here's Why. An exploration of the weird and strange side of the world through the lens of science, logic and intuition.

By Ian Woolf

The Social Work Duo show

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Tune in for Adam and Deb's thoughts on what social working is all about.

By The Social Work Duo

the mind machine show

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The mind machine is a podcast devoted to the latest research in applied neurosciences, physiological computing, neuroadaptive interfaces and human factors psychology. Each episode features a conversation with a different researcher about their work. Our discussions will focus on emerging technologies, such as: brain-computer interfaces, system automation, affective computing, wearable sensors and assistive technology. The conversations will cover technical aspects of the work as well as potential societal impacts. The podcast will present academic research in a way that is both informal and accessible for both professional and non-professional listeners.

By Stephen Fairclough

ORIEnT: Obestetric Resident Improved Education and Teaching show

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A joint educational project between the Departments of OBGYN at the University of Colorado and the University of Oklahoma. Our goal is to improve OB education among resident physicians. Once you have listened to the podcast please click on the SUPPORT THE SHOW button (HEART ICON on the far right in each episode) or USE THE LINK ON THIS PAGE to complete our BRIEF survey regarding your experience with the podcast. All answers are anonymous and we appreciate your input!

By ORIEnT Podcast Group

The Above Ground Railroad | Freedom Focused Personal Development show

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The Above Ground Railroad is a freedom focused personal development podcast hosted by best selling author Christopher Hughes. It’s title was inspired by the American Under Ground Railroad of the 1800’s, a secret path traveled by African American slaves from the slaves states of the south to the free states of the north, resulting in their liberation and freedom from the economic system of chattel slavery. Since the abolishment of institutional chattel slavery, slavery has taken a different form. It’s not about ownership anymore, it’s about power and control. One definition of slavery is, "the absolute power of one person or institution over another person." Banks, governments, the media, corporations, big pharma and the educational system collectively have created a common consciousness resulting in the absolute power over the unawakened individual. The path to freedom today is not a physical route to take but rather an awakening of the mind, and the learning and mastery of little known concepts, strategies, beliefs and philosophies. Though she never said these words, or any like them, Harriet Tubman, the famed conductor of the Under Ground Railroad has been credited for having said, “I could have freed a thousand more slaves had they only known they were slaves.” Clearly, African American slaves knew acutely that they were slaves. But today, as slavery has become far more sophisticated, many of the enslaved have no idea they are in bondage. Christopher says, “If you can convince a man that he is free, he will never attempt to escape. This is why so many people live lives of silent despair and don’t know why.” The Above Ground Railroad was created to help the enslaved comprehend their enslavement and to liberate them from grasp of common consciousness, mass hypnosis and modern-day versions of slavery, to the end that they discover and fulfill their divine purpose and the desires of their hearts. Each podcast episode will focus on one or more of what Christopher refers to as the "7 Pillars of Uncommon Freedom:" Mind freedom, Time freedom, Money freedom, Health freedom, Emotional freedom, Spiritual freedom, Unconditional Love (the Ultimate Freedom). Join Christopher and his guest Conductors on the Above Ground Railroad, “your path to uncommon freedom.” Learn more about the Above Ground Railroad at abovegroundrailroad.info.

By Christopher Hughes | Freedom-focused Personal Development