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El podcast de dos locos hermanos que se sientan frente al microfono para hablar de musica, cine, tv, blogs, tecnologia, curiosidades, noticias, serrate, brothers, geek

By Mauricio Serrate & Rodrigo Serrate

Tourcaster - Lima City Guide show

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Lima is the, highly-populated Shangri-La caught somewhere between the Amazon and the Andes. A bustling metropolis and the industrial center of modern Peru. Lima is also a destination for adventure loving travelers with a taste for something off the beaten path; a bit exotic, a bit dangerous, a bit different. Lima offers a rich mix of history, an over-abundance of wildlife, and crystal clean beaches. Walk in the steps of Ancient Incas and famous Spanish Conquistadors. Search for lost cities and undiscovered treasure, unlock the secrets of the Nazca Lines, and maybe you will find your very own private El Dorado. This audio guide offers helpful information and tips to getting around this city like a seasoned traveler.


Tourcaster - Buenos Aires City Guide show

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This audio city guides offers some insight to the wonderful city of Buenos Aires, "The Paris of South America". The capital of Argentina boasts wide boulevards and bustling grand avenues awash with old world cafes and fashionable restaurants. Wander aimlessly down Cobblestone streets where you can find a modern juxtaposition of European architecture and brightly painted metal houses. If you are lucky you can grab a world famous Gaucho Steak before hitting the town for a long night of parties, or perhaps an even longer night at the Opera.


Tourcaster - Rio de Janeiro City Guide show

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Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, playground of the world. While this metropolitan paradise was once known as the place for the rich jet-setters to escape their ordinary lives, it has today become a haven for anyone who thirsts for romance, adventure and relaxation. Rio's citizens, known as Cariocas, know what it means to live life to the fullest. There are many hidden pleasures to be found among the city's mountains, beaches and night clubs. Add to that the tropical climate and the world's ultimate party, Carnaval, and you've found the perfect place to forget about everyday life back home and let yourself loose. Listen to this audio guide for helpful tips to make your trip to Rio a well-rounded and informed one.