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Bright Ideas Burlington show

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From Burlington Electric Department (Vermont). On this podcast, we will share ways for our fellow Burlingtonians to save energy, save money, save time, and save the planet.

By Burlington Electric Department

GetConnected Segments show

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GetConnected TV brings you some of the hottest products and services on the market, including televisions, printers, cameras, satellite radios, laptops, software solutions and more. Season 5 starts on March 19, 2009!

By GetConnected Media

Make IT Happen show

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Intetics is an expert in creation and operation of effective distributed technology teams aimed at software product development, IT support, quality assurance and data processing. Based on a proprietary business model of Remote In-Sourcing®, advanced Quality Management Platform and measurable SLAs, Intetics enables IT rich, innovative organizations to capitalize on available global talent and Intetics’ in-depth engineering expertise. Our core know-how is rooted in design of software products within conditions of incomplete specifications. Intetics has successfully served as the software development and technology partner for over 300 firms worldwide from variety of industries like insurance, finance, hi-tech, education, automotive, logistics, telecom and others. Intetics is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified and Microsoft and Oracle Gold Partner. We've done software development and IT consulting for over 20 years, and we guarantee to give you a product that will impress your clients.

By Intetics Inc

TubeTalk: Your YouTube How-To Guide show

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If you want to grow your YouTube channel, get more subscriber, get more views, and even do brand deals on YouTube, then this is the show for you.On TubeTalk, we deal with the real stuff YouTubers go through. We answer the tough questions of how to get more subscribers in 2019, how to get your videos discovered and how to make money on YouTube being a full-time YouTuber.TubeTalk is all about strategy, YouTube How-Tos, and real practical tips that you can implement today. We talk brands, how to get sponsored on YouTube, how to get free product reviews, be the best gamer and how to be influential in your niche. Hosted by Liron Segev, a Tech Blogger, YouTuber, Consultant and Director of Customer Success at vidIQ who helps Youtubers of all sizes master their YouTube channels. Liron will share his personal strategies he uses to help brands across the world with their social media so you can do the same on your channel!This show is a proudly vidIQ production!

By vidIQ

iWannabes show

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iWannabes es un podcast en que se discute lo último que esta trending en el mundo de la tecnología y el pop-culture. Producido desde San Juan, Puerto Rico por Ricardo Alfaro, Gerardo Calderón, Luis Herrero y Jose Izquierdo. Síguenos en las redes sociales como @iwannabes

By The iWannabes

Titanium Talk show

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As cross-platform mobile developers, Jason and Brenton have years of experience working with the Titanium SDK -- here they share stories, hints, tips, advice on how to build better Titanium apps.

By Jason Kneen

OSINTCurious show

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Being OSINTcurious is just that; you have that urge to click on everything you find (except for malicious links and emails, of course!) and you want to investigate how a tool or script works and why it does what it does. It is the investigative curiosity that helps people be successful in OSINT. And you’re not alone. We discovered that, having that curiosity helped us in our work. Because we wanted to share our curiosity with you and continue to build an online OSINT community, we founded So, here you’ll find interesting projects, events, blogs and ho

By OSINTCurious

Tech Lightning Rounds show

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We deliver compelling information on technology very quickly by interviewing tech experts for a 360 degree view of each topic. Interviews are done in 5 minute "lightning rounds" so you can get the information -- and get on with your day. Topics include autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, cloud, 5G, robotics, mobile, privacy, IoT and more.

By Beth Kindig, Intertrust Technologies

MP3 – Linux Luddites show

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Hosted by Joe, Paddy and Jesse, Linux Luddites is a podcast where we try all the latest free and open source software and then decide that we like the old stuff better. Join us for news, reviews, and interviews with key industry players, as we bring you all you need to know from around the Linux and FOSS world.

By Linux Luddites

The RegTech Report show

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Join Alyne founders, Karl Viertel and Stefan Sulistyo on The RegTech Report. Your update on all things RegTech. Their mission is to bring you the latest news, speak with industry pioneers and muse about the latest tech.

By Karl Viertel, Stefan Sulistyo