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This Week in Crypto show

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This Week in Crypto is a roundup on the latest in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Tune in for daily news and weekly interviews with guests from top projects in blockchain. Join us on Telegram:

By Crypto News - Bitcoin | Ethereum | Blockchain

InSecurity show

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Every week on the InSecurity Podcast, Matt Stephenson interviews leading authorities in the security industry to gain an expert perspective on topics including risk, control friction, compliance, and building a culture of security. Each episode provides relevant insights for security practitioners and business leaders working to improve their organization’s security posture and bottom line.

By Matt Stephenson

Behind The Tech with Kevin Scott show

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Behind the Tech invites listeners to geek out with an amazing line-up of tech heroes who have made our modern world possible. Join Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott, as he takes tech enthusiasts of all ages behind-the-scenes with innovators and pioneers. Find out what inspired them to create tech that has had an impact on the lives of developers and folks around the world. Sign up, tune in, and geek out.

By Microsoft

Nerd Alert show

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<p>Examining the hard science and nerd culture that impact both our present and future.</p>

By TYT Network

Epic Threads show

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Epic Threads - ever ask someone, “did you read that crazy commenting thread?” Well, neighbors Linda &amp; Steve found themselves talking about these digital trainwrecks, online tear-jerkers and social media headscratchers during block parties, drinks on the porch and over texts. Instead of just boring our spouses with these sessions (selfish!) we’d thought we’d share them with the world with a podcast. Nextdoor, Facebook, Reddit, Forums? We’ll hit them all. Wherever netizens, noobs and Nana (Nana….what are you doing here?!) get their “Firsts!” we’ll happily follow along, tally the comments and come to some new understanding of the net. Or not, it’s a pretty weird place. Join us from Leaky Basement Studios as we comment on the world of commenting. It’s Epic Threads.

By Steve Cummings &amp; Linda Webb

CISO-Security Vendor Relationship Podcast show

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Discussions, tips, and debates around improving the communications and services that security vendors provide to their customers, the security buyer.

By David Spark, Founder, Spark Media Solutions and Mike Johnson, CISO, Lyft

The Security Ledger Podcasts show

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Named one of the world's top information security podcasts, The Security Ledger Podcast offers in-depth interviews with the top minds in information (cyber) security. Hosted by Paul Roberts, Editor in Chief of The Security Ledger, each podcast is a conversation about the cyber security stories making headlines and about the most important trends in the information security space including security and the Internet of Things, the latest cyber threats facing organizations and new paradigms for securing data and devices. A must listen if "cyber" is your thing!

By The Security Ledger

Hacking Humans show

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Each week the CyberWire’s Hacking Humans Podcast looks behind the social engineering scams, phishing schemes, and criminal exploits that are making headlines and taking a heavy toll on organizations around the world. We talk to social engineering experts, security pros, cognitive scientists, and those practiced in the arts of deception (perhaps even a magician or two). We also hear from people targeted by social engineering attacks and learn from their experiences.

By the CyberWire

ZigZag show

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<p>Journalists-turned-entrepreneurs, <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant</a>, share their struggles to build an ethically-minded company, <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Stable Genius Productions</a>, all while investigating how other founders and creators are resisting the “winners take all” mindset of Silicon Valley. From techies putting humanity at the heart of their products, to artists looking beyond ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ for validation, and investors who value empathy over 100 X returns...there’s a new movement to chart a kinder, sustainable, and collective path forward for work and life.</p>

By Stable Genius Productions

Palo Alto Networks show

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Variety of cyber security topics from the industry's leading networks security company, Palo Alto Networks.

By Palo Alto Networks