EP26: Dr. Jim Karrh − The Importance of Managing The Message Within Organizations

The VERY Visible Business Podcast with David Avrin show

Summary: One of the challenges that leaders face is achieving some semblance of “message consistency” across the organization. Different roles create different perspectives and the company slogan only goes so far. Often times, the organization’s leaders simply assume that their people are all on the same page. These false assumptions can often create internal frustration and hinder the growth of the organization. In this episode of the Very Visible Business Podcast, David Avrin spoke with Dr. Jim Karrh, a consultant, a coach, a professional speaker, and the author of the: Science of Customer Connections - Manage Your Message to Grow Your Business. With his expertise at helping business professionals and companies manage the message, Dr. Karrh shares practical ways that leaders can manage their conversations. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices