Episode 436: The Power of Project Leadership (Free)

The Project Management Podcast show

Summary: Play Now: Sorry. Your browser cannot play this video. Susanne Madsen, Author Here is how I started episode 309 back in 2015 when we had Susanne Madsen (www.susannemadsen.com - LinkedIn Profile) on the program to present her book The Power of Project Leadership: Susanne Madsen is back on the show today to talk about many of the leadership concepts she puts forward in her new book titled The Power of Project Leadership. And we have a lot of great tips for you -- all taken from the book. Well… she’s back. The second edition is out. And this is what we read about the book on Amazon: Projects and work environments are becoming increasingly complex, with more stakeholders, dispersed teams and an unprecedented rate of technological change. In order to adapt to this complexity and find new opportunities to innovate and build a high performing team, project managers must shift their mindset to one of project leadership. The Power of Project Leadership explains how to generate positive results for projects and clients while growing as a leader and empowering the team to fully contribute. The book focuses on 7 keys to help you transform from project manager to project leader. And to help you along on that journey, we are going to open up her book and take a closer look at Key #5 Build Trust with Stakeholders and key #6 Use Powerful techniques. And just like back in episode 309 we have a lot of great tips for you -- all taken from the book.