Steve Forbes on the Market, Policy, and the Evolution of Media

FYI - For Your Innovation show

Summary: On the podcast today, we are joined by Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor in Chief of Forbes Media Group. Together with ARK CEO and CIO Cathie Wood and ARK analyst James Wang, we have a fascinating chat with Steve on the market, the modern media landscape, and the trustworthiness of cryptocurrencies. The podcast starts off looking at the current economic climate, doom and gloom predictions, and why Steve has come out publicly with a relatively optimistic outlook. From there we naturally move into taxation, the market, and all the political issues connected to these topics. Steve gives us his views on the path of Forbes Media Group through the internet age. We hear about the philosophy that guided the company from its previous iteration as a purely print publication, into the online powerhouse we see today. We even broaden our conversation into a comparison of today’s popular music landscape. Lastly, we focus on cryptocurrencies, the concept of trustworthiness of Bitcoin, and some of Steve’s current and upcoming projects. Be sure not to miss this great episode!   Key Points From This Episode: Reasons that Steve is optimistic about the state of the economy and the stock market What Steve means when he talks about total output comments and consumer actions Negative yields and the real message we should be taking from them Imagining President Trump’s possible policy priorities, if re-elected Evaluating the state of the stock market right now and predictions around its future Under-valuation of the market and the fear around it currently The internet’s impact on the Forbes Media Group and their response Comparing popular music of today with previous generations How Forbes transitioned into a contributor model from the magazine format A preview of the current projects Steve has on his agenda Steve’s thoughts on the trustworthiness of cryptocurrencies.   Tweetables: “When everyone is depressed about something, they’re usually wrong. The only thing that does worry me is the trade situation.” — @SteveForbesCEO [0:01:38] “Bitcoin is what you might call a high-tech cry for help.” — @SteveForbesCEO [0:01:38]