Nvidia and the Crypto Implosion of 2018 with Akram’s Razor (Part 1)

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Summary: On the show today we are joined by Seeking Alpha contributor, Akram’s Razor, to bring to you a Nvidia podcast in two parts, focused on the company, semiconductors, and beyond. Akram has published numerous articles on semiconductors, software, and macro. He notably forecasted the global crypto crash of 2018 and its impact on Nvidia, an opinion that went starkly against the grain of most analysts in his field. In this first of a two part episode, we on Akram’s thesis on Nvidia, the crash, and the players in the drama that unfolded over the subsequent months. In next week’s follow up conversation, Akram unpacks his thoughts on Nvidia’s datacenter business and looks at the growth of the competitive landscape for AI accelerators. Be sure to join us for this episode and check back for part two as well! Key Points from This Episode: Akram’s entry-point into Nvidia and what sparked his interest in the market The last couple years and Nvidia’s upsurge into the AI and crypto markets AMD’s hash supply and the amount needed for the Ethereum blockchain Apple’s role in financing this roadmap development with AMD and Nvidia The hash rate peak of May 2018 and its implications Comparing functionality, business models, and pricing in the gaming market Premium products and Nvidia’s actual biggest competitors in the industry The shortage of in demand cards and the effects on pricing   Tweetables: The GPU market went from boom to bust over the past 12 months. How did it happen? Listen to this Nvidia Podcast with independent analyst who foresaw it all—Akram’s Razor.