A New Way for Investors to Be Heard, with Zach Hascoe from Say

FYI - For Your Innovation show

Summary: On the show today we are joined by Zach Hascoe, co-founder of Say, a company dedicated to giving a voice to all shareholders. Say is an innovative investor communications platform that appears to be transforming the way that companies and shareholders communicate and interact. They are doing this through a verification and democratization process, in which investors of any size are able to question and engage the companies where they own shares. Zach believes this gap in the market is an essential one to fill and has already seen great results on the platform. In our conversation we cover the required background and impetus behind Say’s emergence, the problems that the platform addresses directly and how the company is going about approaching potential clients. Zach explains how he and the team are positioning Say at the moment and the way in which he imagines their position growing. He explains their verification procedure and much more so make sure to listen in with us!                 Key Points From This Episode: Some background on Say, what it is and what they do. Say’s view as to the biggest problem facing retail investors in today’s climate. Why it is important to engage with companies with whom you own shares. Say’s value proposition to new clients when pitching their service. Timelines for asking questions on the platform. The markets that Say is aiming at currently and in the future. The relationship between Say and ARK Invest. Verifying shareholders at a company with the help of Say’s platform. Say’s internal values, tech stack and how they organize their engineering. The rise of transparency and the democratization of the financial sphere. Zach Hascoe shares his hopes and ideas for Say moving into the future.   Tweetables: “We knew that there was a better way, we knew that people would care about these rights and we’re really excited to power a much deeper experience for investors.” — @zhascoe [0:02:49] “Being a verified owner and thinking like an owner is really what we’re hoping to impart on people and through that, people will realize that their voice does matter.” — @zhascoe [0:04:17] “That’s what we’re hoping to create on the platform. An ability for thoughtful ideas to rise to the top and for companies to be able to see what the most engaged investors care most about.” — @zhascoe [0:05:57]