Judith Belmont and Lora Shor

The Best Ever You Show  show

Summary: Join us for a special one hour Valentine's Day Show with guests Judith Belmont and Lora Shor. Judy Belmont, MS and Lora Shor, MSW are both psychotherapists and wellness speakers that can help you not just survive but thrive! With lessons learned from their upcoming book, The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life! How to Get through Life's Holes without Getting Stuck anthem, they use The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life as a metaphor for life itself. Life is not predictable and smooth like cream cheese. Our lives are really more like Swiss with all its distinctive holes, and without the holes, there would be no Swiss! Our lives, likewise, have inevitable "holes," imperfections," and "ups and downs", yet these holes give us our unique character and depth. It's a fact that the larger the holes of the Swiss, the sweeter and more distinctive the cheese. What an analogy to our lives! We develop resiliency by overcoming challenges and obstacles. By moving through the holes in our lives rather than getting stuck in them, we become stronger and more empowered. Swiss is not like any other cheese and likewise, you are unique and not like anyone else! Lora and Judy are passionate about helping people thrive in the face of life's adversities, overcoming challenges, developing stress resilience, and learning to make effective and long lasting changes for a happier life. They are members of the National Speakers Association, and their expertise as psychotherapists and wellness speakers has reached thousands of people throughout the country! They offer whimsical, interactive presentations and keynotes for corporations, meetings and conventions. Visit their web site at www.theswisscheesetheoryoflife.com