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Summary: Welcome to The Best Ever You Show live on Blogtalkradio! Host Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino & guests are on a mission to raise awareness - to inspire you to embrace the inner love, gifts, and talents that create the essence of who you really are - and to challenge you to share this uniqueness with the world. Best Ever You is a safe place to discover, or re-discover your authentic, best self - to create a vision and practice that vision, to really live - where each moment in your life matters. Our goal is assist you to connect with your true self, to others around you, and to the world as a whole, in peace - for peace.Your highest-best-self and best-life mean making a commitment to yourself to become healthy in all ways - mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally. Today, Best Ever You is a leading multi-media provider of lifestyle and self-help content. We are dedicated to helping YOU and all people across the globe live life to the fullest by being their best. We provide unique content, creative insight and tools you can use in your everyday life. Our network is a community of people making a difference. We are all dedicated to helping you be your best and create and live your best life.

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 John McKee - The BAM Network | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:52:00

John McKee is the Founder of The BAM Network and is a Business Development Professional and Business Owner. John has over 26 years of Connecting People, Business and Product -1 Meeting at a time - with over 25,000 Meetings. He's also an award winning Author by Ritcheter Publishing, LLC Tampa, Fla for the 2016 Best New Business Book. Called "Nothing Happens Until The Meeting Is Set" available on Amazon. John is an Inventor and U.S. Patent Holder For Cosmo Glove an AsSeenonTV Product. This was featured on National TV Infomercials by the Original Shark on Shark Tank Kevin Harrington. Visit:

 Coach Celano - One Chapter Doesn’t Write The Whole Book - It Sets Up The Ending | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:47:00

We always welcome Coach Chris Celano, Head Coach of The University of New Haven Baseball to our radio show!  Our Best Ever You Community agrees that any chance we have to obtain real life advice and thoughts from one of the best baseball coaches in the country, is a moment we are going take-in and pass along.  We have a moment to access wisdom from a person who sees and experiences many vantage points. Coach Celano joins us to chat about how a chapter doesn't write the whole book, but rather sets up the ending.  We'll hear about how moments actually don't define us, but rather, shape our future.  Drawing from experiences from many years of coaching, including a season that included over 10 cancellations due to weather, 24 losses, one very muddy bus, all sandwiched around an energetic and a never-give-up winning-mindset team, which included a season ending WIN! ( and some very muddy uniforms!!) This show translates to life:  Life is wins and losses. Ups and downs and not every moment is the best. From making adjustments to managing stress to figuring out what to do when something just isn't shaping up to your vision and goals, to not glazing over anything....  what exactly do you do?  We'll also chat about the importance of being well-rounded, student-athletes and coaches. For more info about Coach Celano and the Chargers, please visit: and please also check out his podcast with co-host Rob Thompson, where fact checking is completely missing and laughs are abundant.

 Anne Maxwell - The Best Ever of Kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autism | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:00

Anne is a psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience working with children, families and adults. Trained as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW and a Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor, RPT-S, she is also an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator.  She co-authored, with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, co-creators of Access Consciousness, the international best selling book, Would You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree? A Different Take on Kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autism. She is the author of The Keys to the Magic: A Play Therapist’s Handbook of Family Centered Play Therapy (the handbook she wishes she had been given when she first started working with kids as a play therapist!) Anne has hosted a couple of radio shows, including one called the Magic of Being, a weekly show she did with Ricky Williams, former NFL player, and another that ran for two years on VoiceAmerica. She has also been a guest on numerous other syndicated shows. Anne is known as the “Play Lady” by many of the children with whom she works, and as the “Kid Whisperer” by some of her colleagues.  Visit

 Evelyn Nouhas - Inspire, Empower, and Encourage | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:58:00

Evelyn Nouhas is a Psychic, who lives in Scotland. She has been aware of her ability, since she was a child. She is Clairsentient, Claircognizant, and an Empath. Evelyn is a Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Healer also. She has given readings in various venues, over the years.  Evelyn has been featured in various UK magazines, such as Take a Break Fate and Fortune.  She writes daily quotes, and poems, on various Social Media platforms, to Inspire, Empower, and Encourage people, to believe in themselves, and in what they can do. Evelyn is a lover of nature, and believes in the Fairy Realm, and the magic that they can bring forward. She also holds a connection to the Angelic Realm, and often receives signs, such as seeing Angel numbers, finding feathers, seeing Rainbows, and finding small coins, in unusual places. Evelyn also likes to read what she sees in the clouds, and this is known as Aeromancy, or Cloud Divination. For More info: Facebook: Instagram: @PsychicEvelyn1

 Joel Comm - The Fun Formula | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:42:00

As a public and motivational speaker, Joel speaks on a variety of business and entrepreneurial topics. He presents a step-by-step playbook on how to use social media as a leveraging tool to expand the reach of your brand, increase your customer base, and create fierce brand loyalty for your business. In July 2017, Joel and Martech leader Travis Wright went down the rabbit hole of blockchain technology. They took their excitement and channeled it into the creation of The Bad Crypto Podcast. The show, heard in 180 countries around in the world, is one of the top crypto-related shows in the world. Joel is the New York Times best-selling author of 15 books, including The AdSense Code, Click Here to Order: Stories from the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs, KaChing: How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays and Twitter Power 3.0.  His latest book is called The Fun Formula.  Joel is also the creator of the iFart app.  Visit for more info

 Laleh Hancock -Global Wellness for All | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:00

Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock is a life and communication coach, management and professional services consultant, and facilitator of Wealth Creators Anonymous, a special program by Access Consciousness®. Laleh has inspired and empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals and families including Fortune 500 executives, government agencies, non-profit organizations, athletes and veterans. A lifelong entrepreneur and passionate change-agent, Laleh strives to seek out possibility in every problem and aims to facilitate strategic change and optimal growth for all her clients. She is an advocate for people of ages with special needs or disabilities and their caregivers, and served on the Governor of Maryland’s Caregivers Support Coordinating Council for four years. Through her organization, Global Wellness for All, Laleh inspires individuals – including individuals with perceived disabilities – to create wellness in all areas of their life and seek greater success. Follow Laleh.

 Todd Cipperman - The Compliance Advantage: Ten Must-Know Trends | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:17:00

Todd Cipperman is the founding principal of Cipperman Compliance Services (CCS). Since 2004, CCS and its affiliates have helped advisers, broker-dealers, and funds protect their franchises through the development, implementation, and operation of customized compliance programs that include ongoing review, testing, management, training, and regulatory response. CCS leverages the experience of a multi-disciplinary team and takes full accountability for its advice and services.  Mr. Cipperman has over 25 years of experience in the investment management and financial services industries. He has represented a wide range of investment management clients with a focus on distribution issues facing investment managers and broker-dealers. He previously served as general counsel of SEI Investments, a public mutual fund and financial technology firm, including its $65 Billion proprietary mutual fund family. He spent several years in private practice on Wall Street representing both buy and sell side clients in investment management and capital markets transactions. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and Cornell University. Mr. Cipperman is the author of the "Our Take" Regulatory Alerts, which provide daily updates on important industry developments via e-mail.  He is also the author of the book The Compliance Advantage: Ten Must-Know Trends to Protect Your Investment Firm, which will soon be available in hard copy and in digital format on Amazon. You can find more information at

 Barbara Wainwright - The Power of Life Coaching | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:54:00

Barbara Wainwright, the CEO and Founder of Wainwright Global, Inc., has dedicated her life to helping others.  Barbara’s business experience mirrors that of the American dream, when as a single mother struggling to support her children she founded J.F. Positive Systems, Inc., a software development company, which she ran for twenty-two years. Yet, despite the success of her lucrative business, Barbara felt something was missing. With a deepening desire to give back, Barbara began her quest by sharing her knowledge and experience and helping others to succeed. Barbara Wainwright’s goal setting, persistence, maintaining a positive attitude, self-motivation, expanding paradigm and accountability to her dreams were the key ingredients in her success, and became the cornerstone of her message. Barbara is responsible for training over 6,000 professional coaches since 2006 and has established credibility in the marketplace through acquiring 3rd party accreditation at the graduate university level. As a key component of a graduate business program, the professional life coach course is accredited by the AASCB. Wainwright Global’s training is further accredited by Strategic Learning Alliance, an applied-learning credentialing organization who confers the CPC® credential. Visit: Power of Life Coaching Power of Coaching

 Gary Douglas - Access Consciousness | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:00

Gary Douglas is an internationally-recognized thought leader, bestselling author, business innovator and founder of Access Consciousness®, a set of simple-yet-profound tools currently transforming lives in 173 countries. He has authored or co-authored numerous books, including the Barnes and Noble #1 bestselling novel, The Place. An avid investor and entrepreneur, Gary is a vocal advocate of Benevolent Capitalism and conscious leadership. He co-hosts a weekly radio on Voice America and has featured in TV shows, print media and online publications around the world. He is renowned for his unique insights on love, relationships, money, business, aging, leadership and emotional freedom. 

 Dr. Dain Heer - Return of the Gentleman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:54:00

Dr. Dain Heer is an internationally renowned author, speaker and facilitator of consciousness and change. For over 15 years, he has been inviting people to embrace their true greatness – people from every culture, country, age and social strata of society. Originally trained as a chiropractor, he has a completely different approach to healing by facilitating people to tap into and recognize their own abilities and knowing. Every year, Dain receives thousands of emails from readers who say that the book ‘Being You Changing the World’, inspired them to live. Somehow, he is able to lead people out of their self-criticism and innate feeling of never being enough, into a sense of question, wonder and gratitude for being alive. Return of the Gentleman: Dr. Dain Heer:  Access Consciousness:

 How Do I Manage My Time Better? with Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:42:00

Join Best Ever You CEO and Founder, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino for an hour long personal development session about time management.  From excessive meetings to lack of time to work out, Elizabeth has ideas and techinques that you can apply and take action to create more time and energy for yourself. Time is not an infinite resource for us each individually. Time marches on and at some point we stop marching. However, many of us are not consciously structuring our moment-to-moment.  Learn to take control of your time. Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino is a mom of four, bestselling author, business consultant, entrepreneur and a recognized leader in personal development and optimal mindset strategies. For more than 20 years, she’s been teaching entrepreneurs, educators, businesses, corporate leaders, and people from all walks of life how to illuminate their light within and help them reach their highest, best potential. With a mixture of humor and grace, Elizabeth helps people root in gratitude, discover motivation and implement positive, lasting change. An expert in mentoring people to marketing their strengths and achieve brand excellence, she works with clients worldwide to illuminate their light within, develop their best life and become their Best Ever You with gratitude-based behavior and belief systems. Elizabeth graduated with honors from St. Ambrose in Davenport, Iowa. She also holds several certificates in Business Leadership and Project Management from St. Thomas University in Minneapolis, MN and is also a Certified Professional Life Coach and certified Food Over Medicine instructor. Visit for more information

 Sherianna Boyle - Emotional Detox - 7 Steps to Release Toxicity and Energize Joy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:00

Sherianna Boyle is the author of seven books the most recent being Emotional Detox. She is an adjunct Psychology Professor, seasoned yogi and founder of the C.L.E.A.N.S.E Method™ and C.L.E.A.N.S.E Yoga™ which was featured in Yoga Journal. She leads Emotional Detox retreats at Kripalu Yoga & Health Center. Her next weekend retreat is Feb 22, 2019. Her books, on line courses with Spirituality & Health can be found at

 Rob Thompson - That's Life Podcast and Digital Brand U | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:58:00

Rob Thompson has spent 27+ years in sports marketing and media as an executive and founder in start ups, start overs and top global brands The NFL and The Walt Disney Company.   Rob is the host of the Sports Biz Podcast and an Amazon #1 New Book Release author of “How To Land A Dream Job If Your Dad Doesn’t Own The Team”.  Rob is also the co-host of That's Life Podcast with Rob and Coach Celano. Visit: Rob Thompson Live at and connect with Rob on LinkedIn at Free ebook download:

 Coach Celano - New Haven Baseball - How to Set and Achieve Your Goals | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:15:00

This is an opportunity to listen and learn. We often wonder just how athletes and student-athletes perform consistently at such high levels.  Many wish to take that knowledge and apply it to the personal and professional lives. One of the top baseball coaches in the country, New Haven Baseball's, Coach Celano will give us insights on how to meet and exceed goals.  From a learner's mindset to doing the small things right, listeners will be able to use the knowledge from this show to help be their best in the new year and beyond. Chris Celano enters his eighth season as the head coach at the University of New Haven in 2019. He has amassed a record of 186-109-1 (.630) with the Chargers and an overall mark of 371-247-1 (.600) as a collegiate head coach. The 2018 New England Intercollegiate Baseball Association (NEIBA) Division II Coach of the Year led the Chargers to one of the most successful campaigns in program history in 2018, as the team accumulated a program-record 39 wins. It was the 13th 30-plus win in program history and third under coach Celano. The Chargers began the season with a 16-0 record which was the second-best start in program history. In addition, New Haven achieved a National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA) national ranking as high as No. 5, and spent 11 weeks nationally ranked by the organization. In addition, the Chargers were ranked top-three in the East Region throughout the season and eventually earned the No. 1 seed in the NCAA Division II East Region Championship. Celano also coached the New Haven pitching staff to the lowest team ERA in the nation in 2018, as the staff combined for a 2.51 ERA, the lowest in over a decade. For the season, he mentored two All-Americans, four All-Region players and seven All-Conference honorees, including NE10 Co-Pitcher of the Year, David Palmer.

 Raana Zia - Your Hidden Light | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:00

Raana Zia is the author of the book Your Hidden Light: A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life. She is a former CFO having spent 20+ years in corporate finance working for large Fortune 500 companies. Through her book she delivers a step by step process of how to use mindfulness and meditation to create a positive desired outcome, and why it works. She integrates ancient philosophy and wisdom into practical application in order to maximize impact and minimize stress. The integration of these concepts into her own daily life has been life changing for Raana; and, as a result, she is dedicated to empowering others with the same knowledge and tools. In 2017, the book became a part of a business school course on Happiness at Suffolk University in Boston. Raana and her husband live in New Jersey with their two children and their snorkie. Visit for more information


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