Shea Vaughn - Founder of SheaNetics

The Best Ever You Show  show

Summary: Please join us for a special one hour live show with Shea Vaughn, the Founder of Sheanetics. Shea Vaughn is an expert fitness trainer and wellness coach with a lifetime of mind/body experience and a passion for health and well-being. She currently trains athletes and celebrities helping them to build strength and flexibility, prevent injuries and "stay in the game." She has been featured on local and national television, radio, and print media and worked with Lululemon Apparel, The Home Shopping Group, and QVC. Shea is also the CEO and founder of SheaNetics®, "Your Pathway to Well-Being." It is a revolutionary new East meets West lifestyle and exercise practice blending values and movements that charge the mind and body to unite as one. With SheaNetics® you get in shape, feel great about yourself and naturally come to embrace ongoing, life-healthy choices. Shea has recently released her exciting 6-Disc DVD/CD mind/body collection that puts you on your personal "Pathway to Well-Being." SheaNetics® inspires you to set the best example for yourself and others and to live a balanced and fulfilling life. read more » SheaNetics® is a self-styled mix of Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, GYROKENESIS®, Dance and much more. It also introduces you to the body enhancing benefits of "Tri-Core Power Training" - a highly effective technique for developing all three regions of the core to improve balance and boost physical performance. As part of her practice, Shea also follows the "Five Living Principles of Well-Being", as a thoughtful and life-enhancing guide to her fitness regimen and daily lifestyle - Commitment, Perseverance, Integrity, Self-Control and Love. These Principles are the inspirational keys to finding fulfillment, self-confidence and a personal state of well-being.