Bergen Williams - An Hour about acting and her new cookie co

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Summary: Join host Elizabeth with special guest Bergen Williams. EatMe Cookies is owned by me and my great friend, Twyla Rowe. I'm Bergen Williams and i started messing with cookies a few years ago when i went vegan for health reasons - i was diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer and given 2 - 5 years to live. Not only was i having to face a difficult battle with incurable cancer, but i was going to have to do it without any decent cookies to be comforted by! All the vegan cookies i had tried were either too dry or too moist or too oily or too boring. It seemed like flavor didn't matter to these cookies. It only mattered that they were vegan. That wasn't good enough for me. After all, when i was a little girl my nickname was "Cookie" and apparently would do a little song and dance on a dime for a cookie. But i digress... i decided to come up with my own cookie recipe. If i was gonna die young, it was gonna be with a delicious cookie in each hand and a song and a dance in my heart. Batch after batch after batch after batch after batch of cookies i tried until finally, after a couple of exhausting years, yes seriously, i did it. I perfected the ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie - both a regular version and a Gluten-Free version - and neither of them taste vegan at all BUT THEY ARE! Sure i cured myself of my incurable Carcinoid Cancer with my vegan diet, but folks, look at the bigger picture - delicious lowfat vegan whole grain no added oil Chocolate Chip Cookies!!! And that's not the only kind i developed. I got a bunch!