Alfonso Moretti - Angry Trainer Fitness

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Summary: Please join host Elizabeth for a special one hour interview with Alfonso Moretti.  Angry Trainer Fitness is the new brand that’s shaking up the health and fitness world. Launched in late 2010 by personal trainer Alfonso Moretti, Angry Trainer Fitness is dedicated to telling the truth about the fitness industry – what works AND what doesn’t. For the last 20 years Alfonso has been working in the Tri-State area as a certified personal trainer at big gyms in NYC, private studios in suburbia, and in home training everywhere. Alfonso is a walking fitness encyclopedia with a fast answer to every fitness question. He believes passionately in both LOOKING and FEELING FIT. Big muscles or a bikini body won’t do you any good if you’re not healthy on the inside too. So Angry Trainer Fitness is all about complete fitness. Since launching Angry Trainer Fitness, Alfonso has become a spokesperson and board member of Sears’ new online fitness venture, Fit Studio and writes regularly for Discovery Fit And Health online. Alfonso is also a regular contributor to Men's Fitness magazine.