Street Dogs of South Central - Vincent Ueber - Bill Marin

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Summary: VINCENT UEBER - Producer  Vince Ueber is a freelance reality TV and documentary producer who has worked for major cable and network television companies and film studios. He is the producer and co-writer of the feature length documentary film STREET DOGS OF SOUTH CENTRAL narrated by QUEEN LATIFAH and distributed by Lionsgate Films and Animal Planet. Ueber received his BA in Philosophy from California State University Los Angeles and is a member of the Producers Guild of America. Most recently, he produced 12 episodes of BETTY WHITE’S new NBC hidden camera series, OFF THEIR ROCKERS for NBC.  BILL MARIN - Director  Bill Marin received his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Behavior from Franklin & Marshall College and achieved a Master’s degree in Film/Television from Boston University. He has been working in non-scripted film and television for ten years as a producer, director, writer, cameraman and editor. Street Dogs of South Central’ marks his first feature-length venture. Abandoned by man and forced to survive in his urban jungle, STREET DOGS OF SOUTH CENTRAL profoundly depicts the everyday struggles of life in the inner city for man’s best friend. Scavenging through trash cans for food, sleeping in abandoned buildings, and navigating city traffic are all part of these homeless dogs’ daily lives.