Calling fraudsters and Other Tips for Verifying Manual Review Orders

The Online Fraudcast with Brett Johnson & Karisse Hendrick show

Summary: Brett & Karisse are back together on the podcast and this week they dive in to a great question from a listener: (when it comes to manual reviews) "When should we call the phone # on the order and what questions can we ask to verify if they're the cardholder or not?". Karisse shares tips from when she was a merchant, including one of her favorite "fraud stories". Brett also shares his unique perspective on this topic, especially since 10 years ago, it was possible he was on the other side of the phone call when merchants called to verify cardholder information. He provides a lot of valuable information on how companies can better improve this process. They also talk about the importance of working with law enforcement, the research a carder goes through before selecting a merchant to attack with fraudulent purchases and the current job market in fraud prevention.  Online FraudCast will be recording a podcast episode live at CNP Expo this year! May 21-23 in San Francisco. Come join us! Use NEW PROMO CODE "OF20" to receive 20% off an all-access registration pass. Early Bird registration price is $845 until April 10th! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit