EP 927B - An Inspiring Tale from the Frontlines of the Opioid Epidemic

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Summary: Author Nicholas Bush shares how he's healed from the losses in his own life.U.S. life expectancy is decreasing for the first time since the 1960s. Why? One major reason is the opioid epidemic. In his book, One by One: A Memoir of Love and Loss in the Shadow of Opioid America, former drug addict Nicholas Bush shares how he went from thinking he'd never see the opioid crisis firsthand to losing five friends and two siblings to it. Bush says people should remain hopeful about not only overcoming drug addiction, but also about making it through the loss of loved ones. He shares how he's healed from the losses in his own life. Learn more about the healing power of halfway houses and why Bush credits a radical spiritual awakening for inspiring him to get clean. Bonus Top 4 Heart Attack Signs in Women