Sex with an ex. 30 Oct 2018

Some Rights Reserved show

Summary: <p><audio> </audio></p><p>This month, is pursuing sex with an ex likely to help or hinder your recovery from a breakup? And we find out why a team of psychologists from Michigan brought volunteers to their lab to look at a rabbit and a snake. This episode also features an interview with Vicky Leigh of Glasgow University, who presented her research on sexual imprinting at the recent HBES conference.</p><p><a href="">Download the MP3</a> </p><p><b>Subscribe!</b><br> Make sure you never miss an episode by subscribing in <a href="">Apple Podcasts</a>, <a href="">Google Podcasts</a>, or <a href=";refid=stpr">Stitcher.</a> </p><p><b>Read the transcript!</b><br> <a href="">Sex with an Ex: Good or Bad for Breakup Recovery?</a><br> <a href="">The Snake and the Rabbit: Animal Influences on Human Mate Choice</a></p><p><img src=""><br> </p><p><i>Would looking at this rabbit (or a snake) affect what you find attractive in a partner? <a href="">freestocks</a></i></p><p><b>The articles covered in the show:</b> </p><p>Leigh, V., Jones, B., &amp; DeBruine, L. (2018). Bisexual women show positive sexual imprinting on the partner-sex parent for eye colour. Poster presented at the Human Behavior and Evolution Society Annual Conference.</p><p>Reeve, S. D., Mogilski, J. K., &amp; Welling, L. L. M. (in press). Environmental safety threat alters mate choice processes in humans: further evidence for the Environmental Security Hypothesis. <i>Evolutionary Psychological Science</i>. <a href="">Read summary</a></p><p>Spielmann, S. S., Joel, S., &amp; Impett, E. A. (in press). Pursuing sex with an ex: does it hinder breakup recovery? <i>Archives of Sexual Behavior</i>. <a href="">Read summary</a></p>