AR #84 - Surrendering To The Divine Plan

Awaken Radio Podcast show

Summary: Many of us are moving through big sacred changes and transitions this year, that are requiring us to surrender to the divine plan of our lives. We are needing to practise letting go, being in the unknown, and deep trust as we listen to our inner guidance and courageously follow it where it is asking us to go. This process can be scary and unsettling. We may not understand why we are making certain changes, or where it is taking us. We may not actually realise that everything is unfolding perfectly, and that there is a higher part of us guiding us, and helping us come into alignment with everything that is right for us. So if you have felt confused or challenged by this process and if you would love to understand the 'divine plan', feel a deeper connection to your intuition and learn how to surrender to it's guidance, then this episode is for you. In this episode I cover: + How I am personally surrendering to the divine plan, and why I have had to practise a lot of courage and trust. + The evolution of my soul’s purpose, how it is changing and the way this is impacting my work in the world. + What the divine plan is, and how this is different to ‘our plan.’ + The importance of listening to your intuition and inner guidance, rather than your mind. + Why letting go of the old is often a key part of following the divine plan of your life. + The real reason that your deepest desires aren’t manifesting, and why you sometimes have to wait for them. + Channeled guidance that I received from one of my key spirit guides about divine timing and the divine plan. + What your true soul purpose is. + Why you need to detach from the outcome and focus more on the journey. + What it really means to practise surrender, and why is not about being passive or powerless. + How to balance surrender and action, and why working with the divine plan still requires action. + The difference between forced action and inspired action. + Plus, I share exciting news about the September round of my course Slow Down & Tune In. Full Post & Show Notes: Find out more about my course, Slow Down & Tune In: Connect With Me: Instagram: Facebook: Email: Website: If you love Awaken Radio, be sure to subscribe and leave the show a rating and review on iTunes, as this will help it reach and support more people. Thanks for tuning in! Connie x