Softball Diaries 67: Thatcher, Thatcher, Softball Snatcher

Softball Diaries show

Summary: The second coming of Thatcher! Last time Thatchmo was on the 'cast he was a doe-eyed, happy-go-lucky, wet-behind-the-ears, never-been-kissed, cherub-boy-king. Years (years!) later we check-in with the mature adult he has become. Gross fills in for Buco, who is scouting talent in Catalonia. We yap about what you need to sacrifice to create, death, permanency, regiment driven generation of achievement. Legacy weighs in on every moment of Thatcher's life, and yeah bro it is heavy. Listen as well for the 'Thatcher Celebrity Trivia Game' and talking corn-dogs! Did we create the Great American Podcast?