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Softball Diaries

Summary: Alex Kleger and Matt Bucovetsky discuss local softball games. Bats, balls, beer.

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 Softball Diaries 77: Rohan Reigns | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A _____ teammate, a motorcycle enthusiast, Rohan raises his fist to capitalism and doesn't care for Indian food. When not trotting to second on a double, he is secretly coveting material objects. But jah another podcast, and we didn't have to increase taxes to get it. Seize the means of run producing offenses!

 Softball Diaries 76: Abbott time for another one | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

~~~New pod alert~~. This week's guest, Andrew Abbott, needs no introduction. But this episode DOES have a long introduction, and three game recaps. Listen for a chunk of dad related items, lake talk, plenty of crosstalk, pitching as an existential exercise in pain and suffering, and a some choice quips by a softball great, Beth. Hanks a lot for hosting us!

 Softball Diaries 75: Todds Just Wanna Have Sun | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Pod two of 2019, and we have two game recaps, a special set of co-hosts (Erika + Todd), and a full Todd tell-all. Where did Todd migrate to this offseason, and why? Will Todd ever need a winter jacket? Did he work at McDonald's? We're serving up the answers today folks. A HOME RUN!

 Softball Diaries 74: Hot Pod Time Machine | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

And we're back, back again. The 2019 season is officially underway, so let's knock out 2018 first. Awards and a mass recap event? We're already in mid-season form. Crisp audio, hilarious current event jabber and shout-outs to the softball greats new and old——something for every fan of the pod. Oh yeah.

 Softball Diaries 73: John Ryan is the new Earl of Sandwich | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

John Ryan has joined softball and made a quick impact with his brilliant speed, tremendous fielding and general distaste for Noah Rush's success.  Softball Diaries has an exclusive interview where we go under the pope hat and get to the real John Ryan.  Ryan shares with us his opinions on digital projections and when breakfast food is appropriate.  So join us, as we get to the bottom of why John Ryan is so fast and why he hasn't tried to grow out his hair.  Special guest host Todd Dixon.  Listen here

 Softball Diaries 72: Ben yawns and Mark winks, it's Mark Vaughn and Ben Link! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week's podcast is a matchup of friends sparked in the south, forged in Philadelphia. Listen to this double-guest (and guest-host!) episode to find out how Ben and Mark met, what they bond over, and which Braves player they compare themselves to. Ever wanted to be a teacher? Own a business? We talk the good and the not so good. This is a timely episode since Ben Link is leaving Philly, so we say bye the only way we know how—asking about bodily fluids. First time co-host Justin Siebel and a fantastic new game celebrates the first half of softball's season with a tomahawk chop.

 Softball Diaries 71: Bennett Daniels talks Benny McDaniels | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Wow, did you guys know Bennett has never been on the podcast?  Well Bennett does, and boy is he steamed about it.  Though Kleger skipped town to dodge the heat, Bennett brings the hot takes on everything from why he hates dark meat to why speech pathology is the sexiest pathology.  Bennett also makes his feelings known about being compared to members of Mumford & Sons all while downing a 5th(?) of aquavit.  So listen to Bennett tear the softball universe a new one here.

 Softball Diaries 70: An Arvo (or Two) with Todd Dixon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hear the Diaries like never before: IN HD SUPER-CRISP AUDIO. Todd Dixon, an Aussie, a tour manager, and a bloomin' Sixers fan, is also a sound engineer. His talents are on display here, mate. I'm pretty sure he bugged Buco's house cause there were mics and equipment everywhere—and constant checking of 'the levels'. Our thanks to Todd for bringing us into the modern age of podcasting. Learn about why Todd dropped out of uni, what tour he will be managing in the fall, and gibberish American and Australian words. Also included is a 40 minute recap of Kleger's home-run, Todd saying funny sounding Australian cities, and Buco challenging him on the origin of Canadian or US things. Wherever you are, whether kneeling, standing, or putting water bottles down under tables, have a walkabout and take a listen.

 Softball Diaries 69: Kate is La La Leaving | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The Cormorant has graduated from Philadelphia and it's time to celebrate good times. Kate is a natural leader, three-time league MVP and leaves as the winningest captain of all-time. We dish on Jesus, Staples, and setting alarms. Listen for some Billy Joel trivia, how Kate would kill an intruder, and scratch off lotto luck. Bye byee

 Softball Diaries 68: Here's Jonny | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Like a greatest hits podcast happening in realtime, this one has got it all: You like the recaps? We go for two. You like an interview? Newcomer Jonny shows up, talks. You want us to play a game WITH special guests? Jonny and Siebel battle the hypothetical in WWJ(or J)D?; where only Steph can judge. Do we draw a line from psychology to thermal valves to hoagies and a nice mitt? Almost. Listen for that and Jonny making the ultimate choice between money and George Clooney. Ay dios mio.

 Softball Diaries 67: Thatcher, Thatcher, Softball Snatcher | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The second coming of Thatcher! Last time Thatchmo was on the 'cast he was a doe-eyed, happy-go-lucky, wet-behind-the-ears, never-been-kissed, cherub-boy-king. Years (years!) later we check-in with the mature adult he has become. Gross fills in for Buco, who is scouting talent in Catalonia. We yap about what you need to sacrifice to create, death, permanency, regiment driven generation of achievement. Legacy weighs in on every moment of Thatcher's life, and yeah bro it is heavy. Listen as well for the 'Thatcher Celebrity Trivia Game' and talking corn-dogs! Did we create the Great American Podcast?

 Softball Diaries 66: Mr. Martino Goes to Port Richmond, Fishtown, Tacony, Lawncrest, Bridesburg, Northwood and Mayfair | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Back for more in 2018. Kicking off the new season of softball and Dairies (season seven!), Buco and Kleg are stumping for Dan Martino. We politicize the podcast with pro-choice, anti-gun, socialist free weed pieces (not really...mostly!). We recap a collapse, the return of the Shiss, Krone being Krone, Gross being gross, Daniels being stormy, etc. Find out what Martino stands for and what he wishes to accomplish. Visit to get involved, be sure to vote on May 15th and listen today!!

 Softball Diaries 65: SLEAZE PLAY! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week we break down the 'cult classic', Squeeze Play! No interview, just a rollicking panel of experts who hate-watched this softball movie. How did this movie get made? We attempt to answer. Thanks to Zak Krone, Justin Siebel, Stef, and Erika for helping to understand and legitimize this haphazardly constructed battle of sexes comedy went wrong. Squeeeeze play.

 Softball Diaries 64: Papa Ricci's Last Resort | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Ed Ricci is an honest man who likes the simple things: a gin and diet ginger ale, sports talk radio, dressing up like Frank Sinatra. Ed remembers the golden years of Conshohocken, and knows exactly why things are no longer great (to daughter Stephanie's discomfort). Steph's parents' first date is unbelievably perfect, unlike Ed's opinion of Buco! Oh yeah! A classic Dad episode, sure to enlighten, amuse, and question why we live in the big city when Conshohocken has a bar with Ed as the bartender AND the beer-olympics. We also recap three or four games. Papa, Papa, Papa-Ricci!

 Softball Diaries 63: Abbott at Rest | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

From the swamps of Virginia emerges a baseball playing bass player, who you are about to get to know. Andrew Abbott came to Philadelphia during the Left and Right diaspora, but what happened next will shock you. We talk tourism, ice cream scoopin', and learn which MLB star's brother sucks. Plus a recap of another tie game! And thats Abbott it.


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