AR #81 - Navigating Change, Transition & The In-Between

Awaken Radio Podcast show

Summary: In today's episode, I am talking about the powerful process of transition and change that many of us (including myself) are moving through at the moment. This is seeing us letting go of old things from our lives, and releasing old parts of ourselves so we can step into a new chapter and move forward in a new direction. This can be a difficult process to navigate as we sometimes find ourselves feeling stuck in a space ‘in-between’ – hovering somewhere between the old and the new, where the old is beginning to fall away but the new is not yet fully formed. At these points we can feel confused, overwhelmed or lost and like the change we are wanting to create will never happen. I can relate to all of these feelings, as I am currently in a big period of transition myself. So I wanted to come on the podcast and share my experience with you, and also offer some tips on how best to navigate the in-between and get yourself moving forward. In this episode I cover: + The transitions I am currently moving through both within myself and my business and how I am working through them. + Why we often find ourselves in the in-between space or a ‘void’ as we are shifting from old to new. + The difference between an inner transition and an external transition and how to know which one you are moving through. + Why transition periods are indicators that you are in a process of energetic upgrade and re-alignment. + Why your old patterns, beliefs and stories rise to the surface when you try to create change and step into something new. + How to avoid getting stuck (or being pulled back into the old) when you are wanting to move forward. + The importance of changing your mindset and language, and using your focus wisely. + The transformative power of the in-between phase and why it needs to be honoured, not rushed through. + Why creating space is a key part of calling in the new. + The importance of facing forward and no longer looking back into the past. + The power of alignment, and how to align your energy with who you want to be and what you want to create. + Why you need to back yourself, support yourself and love yourself while you are moving through a transition period. Full Post & Show Notes: Connect With Me: Instagram: Facebook: Email: Website: If you love Awaken Radio, be sure to subscribe and leave the show a rating and review on iTunes, as this will help it reach and support more people. Thanks for tuning in! Connie x