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Summary: <br> Let’s Talk About Networking and Why It’s Not Working Out For You<br> Success with networking starts with the right mindset, have you got the right attitude and skills to establish yourself in your community? <a href="http://www.networkingfuel.com">Danny Lyon</a>, a successful entrepreneur and networking expert, talks with Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast host Yeukai Kajidori about the secrets to networking and some common mistakes every business owner needs to be aware of.<br><br> Key Questions Asked<br> <br> What is involved in networking?<br> What roadblocks did Dan face when getting started?<br> How did Dan get his initial client and what are some of the lessons he’s learned from the people he was able to help over the last 18 years?<br> How does Danny market his business or himself?<br> What is the number one mistake people do when networking?<br> Why is this mistake detrimental to anyone’s success when it comes to networking?<br> What other major mistake does Dan see that business owners are doing which they can avoid?<br> What is the right mindset for people who are going to business events?<br> <br>  <br> Highlights of Lessons Learned:<br> Key to Networking<br> There is a high failure rate of small businesses and the reason for this is because they think that they know what they’re doing and they think that they have to do it by themselves.  One of the great aspects of networking is the fact that you don’t know everything and that there are people out there everywhere that wanna help you.<br> Overcoming Roadblocks <br> Biggest roadblocks most startups use is either disbelief, non-awareness, or non-admittance that your business is exactly how you create it.  <br> The moment you learn to take credit for both the good and the bad, you will position yourself as a leader, which other people will look up to.  <br> Secret to Getting Clients<br> Any business that is focused on money is set up for trouble. When a business is focused on extraordinary customer experience, it’s set up for success. Because it is the customer that has all the money.  So just get off of money and get on to customers, the money comes by itself. <br> Biggest Mistake in Networking<br> The number one mistake people often commit when networking is they think “It’s about me,” so when they come to a networking event or join a networking group, they’re focused on themselves what they are going to get. This is much like closing all the doors at once.  <br> The best way to focus on the customer experience is to learn to be a giver first.  <br> We like to think that we’re interesting people and the way that we think that were interesting is by telling other people how interesting we are, when in fact the more that we get interested in another person, the more interesting we can become as we get into their world.<br> Another mistake people usually commit is that they are not open to trying new things.<br>