Code @TACC Robotics Camp delivers on self-driving cars

TACC Podcasts show

Summary: On June 11 through 16 of 2017, TACC hosted a week-long summer camp called Code @TACC Robotics, funded by the Summer STEM Funders Organization under the supervision of the KDK Harmon Foundation. Thirty-four students attended. Five staff scientists at TACC and two guest high school teachers from Dallas and Del Valle also gave the students instruction. The students divided themselves into teams each with specific roles of principal investigator, validation engineer, software developer, and roboticist. They assembled a robotic car from a kit and learned how to program its firmware. The robotic cars had sensors that measured the distance to objects in front, and they could be programmed to respond to that information by stopping or turning or even relaying that information to another car near it. Teams were assigned a final project based on a real-world problem, such as what action to take when cars arrive together at a four-way stop. Podcast host Jorge Salazar interviews Joonyee Chuah, outreach coordinator at the Texas Advanced Computing Center; and Katrina Van Houten, teacher, Del Valle High School.