Data Futurology - Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence From Top Industry Leaders show

Data Futurology - Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence From Top Industry Leaders

Summary: Data Futurology is data from a human lens. In Data Futurology, experienced Data Science Leaders from around the world tell us their stories, challenges and the lessons learned throughout their career. We also ask them: - What makes a great data scientist? What skills are required? - How to become a great data science leader? - How should I grow and get the most out of my team? - What is a good data strategy? and how do I best implement it? - What are interesting applications of ML/AI that I should be considering in my industry? To find out more visit

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 #4 Dr Sam Kharazmi - Head of Data Science | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 5319

In this episode we speak to Dr Sam Kharazmi, Head of Data Science at RedBubble. We talk about how to focus on product & users with your data science efforts, how data science can add value to company growth at different stages of the company's journey, how to combine people leadership & tech leadership to better drive business outcomes and much more! Sam is a Data Science, Analytics and Engineering leader with extensive experience in building teams and data product on small and large scale organisation and data science strategy. Show notes: Sam is based in: Melbourne, Australia

 #3 Dr Jacek Kowalski - Chief Data Scientist | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 5607

In this episode we speak to Dr Jacek Kowalski, Chief Data Scientist at Australian Unity. We talk about pragmatic and realistic data science, data science for startups and corporates, leadership in analytics, what it takes to get analytics projects through in large corporates and much more! Jacek is a highly experienced ICT manager and technical expert. His areas of expertise include Data Science, Network Analytics, Security, Virtualisation, Mobility, and Identity Management. His technical leadership and significant input into the business strategy contributed to the success of Azure Wireless and its acquisition by Docomo NTT. He's worked at a number of research institutions, major corporations and technology startups. He's published scientific papers in the area of Statistics, Network Analytics and holds technology patents. Show notes: Jacek is based in: Melbourne, Australia

 #2 Ben Pattison - Head of Customer Data Science | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 5276

In this episode we speak to Ben Pattison, Head of Customer Data Science at Medibank. We talk about getting buy-in from stakeholders, how to develop data scientists, the relationship with technology and business, how to define strategic priorities for your data science team and much more! Ben has over 20 years experience, in the UK and Australia, as an analytical and strategic leader, passionate about driving business and customer value from data and analytics. He has experience of leading large teams to design and integrate Credit Risk, Data Science, Decision Services and Analytical Marketing solutions into Personal, Consumer Finance, Insurance, Small Business and Wealth operations. Show notes: Ben is based in: Melbourne, Australia

 #1 Dr Eugene Dubossarsky - Chief Data Scientist & Principal Trainer | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 8111

In this episode we speak to Dr Eugene Dubossarsky, Chief Data Scientist at AlphaZetta and Principal Trainer at We talk about data literacy, questions to ask your potential employer, his definition of actionable insights and much more! For upcoming Data Science, Machine Learning and R courses go to: Eugene is a Strategic Advisor in all aspects Data Analytics - Capability building, winning support, management and operations. Community Builder. Creator of a number of data science and analytics communities, interest groups and professional associations He's the creator of ggraptR, an interactive data visualisation package in R Show notes: Eugene is based in: Sydney, Australia


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