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Summary: Top athletes, adventurers, and outdoor entrepreneurs reveal strategies for how to crush the work, life, and adventure balance while having fun and making a difference. Learn how exploration inspires creativity, discover the confidence to push past comfortable, and dig into the definition of "stoke!" Running ultras, traveling the world, skiing 14ers, starting a blog, learning to climb, public speaking, smashing world records, building businesses, activist efforts, designing the life you deserve to live, and much more. Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland. Presented by Explore Inspired.

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 EP42: Getting Out Of Your Own Way, with Andy Best | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4037

Photographer and Cinematographer, Andy Best, joins The Stokecast for an inspiring an introspective conversation around his career and life story developed. From his early days nurturing the inner artist with pastels and oil paints at his Grandmother's studio to his work as a commercial filmmaker turned landscape and adventure photographer. Andy is a contributor for National Geographic, ROAM, and also has his own production company called Lone Bison Films.  For the show notes from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio Presented by: Explore Inspired

 EP41: High-Performance Habits & How To Follow-Through | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2907

Emily and Jonathan check in with their professional goals and personal targets from the last 90 days. Q1 2019 is coming to an end and as the second quarter kicks off, your hosts reflect on what worked and what didn't from the New Years goal-setting episode, as well as expand upon how the rest of the year might shape up for them. Along the way, hear candid travel stories and hacks, business lessons, and personal anecdotes around balancing work, life, and adventure. Visit for this and past episodes.  Also mentioned in this show, Explore Inspired's new Travel Stack: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Edited by: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio

 EP40: Climber Colette McInerney on Building a Career as a Content Creator | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3987

Colette McInerney is a climber, photographer, and filmmaker. She is one of four co-founders of the Never Not Collective women's outdoor production company, and an athlete for Black Diamond Equipment and Five Ten.  In this episode, Colette takes listeners on her journey from Nashville to New York, eventually to the Western United States, and eventually world-wide travels as she discovered climbing and herself along the way. Learn what Colette is up to down in Waco Tanks, Texas, how to approach the mechanics of rock climbing as a beginner, and why having a successful career as a content creator really comes down to access to the right people, access to the right places, and a consistent creative partnership. For more from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio

 EP39: From Sommelier To Skier, Staying Curious with Hadley Hammer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4555

Hadley Hammer is a professional skier, sure. But she's also a sommelier, gourmet chef, book nerd, showcase Mountain Athlete and climber.  Hadley grew up amongst Wyoming's epic Teton mountains and developed a love for outdoor adventures early on, but she also recognized the benefits of a formal career outside of her mountain life.  She headed east to earn a B.A in Hospitality and Economics and after a few years working in the urban hotel world, she just knew something was missing. Hadley headed back to her mountain base to achieve a greater balance between career and lifestyle. Balance is the name of her game which now manifests itself in her big mountain skiing pursuits and complimentary lifestyle. For the notes from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio Presented by: Explore Inspired

 EP38: Building & Balancing Your Side Hustle, With Spencer Fochtman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4232

Spencer Fochtman is a former US Army Infantry Team Leader and was part of Google X's Project Loon and their mission to bring WiFi to third world countries and disaster zones using balloons in the stratosphere. He's also currently on the global business operations team at Tesla and building a commercial adventure and outdoor lifestyle photography business on the side.  One can certainly say this guy has a lot going on! And in this episode of The Stokecast we chat with Spencer about how he manages having a hand in it all, why he's on a mission to be a master of more than one craft, and the fact that both and he and Elon Musk are Cocoa Pebbles fans. For more from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio

 EP37: How To Pursue Every Passion, with Chris Benchetler | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4808

Chris Benchetler is a pro skier. He's also an artist, a product engineer, an entrepreneur, director, climber, surfer, biker, husband, and father.  So often, we're told we have to pick a path and learn to focus to find our greatness. Chris is a shining example of why that's not always the case. His varied pursuits are an inspiring case study in learning how to embrace every passion and live the most authentic life you can. For more from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio

 EP36: Fight For The Gold, Fight For Your Life - With 5-Time Olympian Kikkan Randall | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4020

For more from this episode: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante / CP Pro Audio

 EP35: Life, Legacy, & Identity, with Adventure Filmmaker/Photographer, Max Lowe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4019

In this episode of The Stokecast, we have adventure filmmaker/photographer, Max Lowe.  Max is an incredible talent in the outdoor industry, responsible for films like Adventure Not War and Sky Migrations. and he has cultivated quite a reputation for having an eye for his ability to depict captivating human stories in the most inspiring of landscapes.  Max shares with us his unique and storied upbringing, being the son to a world-renowned mountaineer who was tragically lost in an avalanche in 1999, and subsequently how he gained another formative outdoor explorer as a stepdad. He discusses how this family legacy has influenced him to form his own creative and adventurous identity.  Max has his own media company, Max Lowe Media, is a director with Stept Studios, and travels the world crafting meaningful narratives around emotionally compelling stories with friends and family alike.  For the show notes, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante

 EP34: Women Who Hike Founder, Nicole Brown, On Simply Getting Out And Doing Things | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4245

Female Outdoor Adventurist, Public Lands Advocate, and Merrell Ambassador, Nicole Brown, chats about the personal and professional struggles and successes she's faced while building Women Who Hike—one of the largest communities both on and offline for outdoorsy women. In this episode, Nicole speaks to how Women Who Hike came to be and how she succeeded building belonging inside a niche membership community with the "We, Not I" mentality. We also discuss building out the ambassador team, her approach to group hikes, Leave No Trace and outdoor access principles, 1% For The Planet, and how equipment empowers equality. Lastly, Nicole gets very candid and vulnerable about a plan to climb Kilimanjaro last year that fell through and why, her daily battle with three autoimmune diseases and imposter syndrome, but why despite all of that, she is determined to live beyond a diagnosis and in fact credits her drive and success to what many would see as limitations. For the show notes, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante

 EP33: Training Your Weakness, with Emily Harrington | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4474

Emily Harrington is one of the most well-rounded and accomplished outdoor athletes alive, male or female. From crushing 5.14b climbs to skiing volcanoes, and El Capitan to Mount Everest, her pursuits are nothing short of mind-blowing. In this episode, your hosts chat with Emily about her recent adventures, learning to pivot, adapt, and embrace change in your career, and how it feels to realize you're a role model. Also, hear about Emily's recent TEDx talk on Finding Fear, why she decided to only train her weaknesses, and the announcement of Danger Stik TV, the new YouTube channel from Emily Harrington and boyfriend Adrian Ballinger documenting their lives as adventure athletes alongside candid moments in their relationship.  For the show notes, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland  Editor: Chris Plante / CP Pro Audio

 EP32: Mastering The Double Life, With Jim Morrison | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3419

Jim Morrison is a big mountain adventure skier on The North Face athlete team and made worldwide news in September when he and partner, Hilaree Nelson (The Stokecast Ep.28) made the first ski descent of the Lhotse Couloir. Jim Morrison is also a wildly successful luxury home builder and runs a construction company in California's Lake Tahoe area.  In this episode, dig into Jim's backstory and try to understand how he's been able to build two seemingly completely different careers and succeed to the degree he has in both. For the show notes, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante / CP Pro Audio

 EP31: In Pursuit of the Pastel Horizon, with Christian Schaffer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3902

"Adventure photographer" doesn't quite describe Christian Schaffer. After just a few seconds staring at her work you know that in Schaffer's world, landscapes look more like dreamscapes, and what most call outdoor escapes, she calls life. In Christian's past life, she was an Abercrombie model and retail manager. She went to college in Hawaii, moved to Italy for work, trekked the John Muir Trail, and traveled 19 countries (mostly alone) pursuing wild adventures, foods, and freedom. And after changing her mailing address more than 30 times, Christian just decided to just ditch it and live full-time out of a 4x4 truck in the Pacific Northwest to build her career as an outdoor photographer. Tune in to episode 31, now! For the show notes from this episode, visit:

 EP30: How To Achieve Massive Results This Year (Goal-Setting Frameworks) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2844

How do you go about setting and working toward your goals? In the first episode of 2019, Emily and Jonathan talk through their biggest goals for the New Year and break down the strategies they each employ to set out confidently towards realizing some seemingly massive dreams. For more, visit:

 EP29: From Broken Body to Business Success, Pro Climber and Alpine Start Founder, Matt Segal | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4674

How did Miami, FL native Matt Segal become one of the world's top rock climbers? And in a departure from expedition-bound Netflix-binges, how did he turn inspiration from a book into a business opportunity with enough focus and purpose to find success in a crowded market? In episode 29 of The Stokecast, The North Face team climber and Alpine Start founder, Matt Segal takes us on a journey from his start in competitive climbing to a body-breaking paragliding accident and the growth he's experienced personally and professionally since. For more from this episode, visit: To grab some Alpine Start for your next adventure, visit:

 EP28: Adventure Skier, Speaker, Mother, Hilaree Nelson On Lhotse, Life, and Why She Loves To Suffer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4029

How do you get to the point in your life where you even consider climbing up and then standing on skis looking down a 7,000-foot 50-degree couloir that drops off the 27,940-foot summit of the fourth highest mountain in the world, Lhoste? We chat about that first descent, the lifelong pursuit of passion and both physical and mental persistence that it took to get there, and much more including balancing motherhood and family life with high-risk outdoor pursuits, and designing a career as an adventure athlete, with The North Face athlete team captain, Hilaree Nelson. She is the first woman to climb two 8,000m peaks in 24 hours (Everest and Lhotse). She's also the first person to ski off the summit of Lhotse. Additionally, she’s skied from the Himalayan summit of Cho Oyu climbed and skied several high peaks in Bolivia and Argentina. Elsewhere, Hilaree has cut turns on remote volcanoes in the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Lebanon, as well as many first descents in the tight couloirs of Baffin Island. Enjoy this incredible interview with adventurer, big mountain skier, speaker, and mother, Hilaree Nelson. For the show notes, visit:


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