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Summary: When he's not tooling around the National Capital region on his motorcycle, Tom Temin interviews federal executives and government contractors who provide analysis and insight on the many critical issues facing the Executive branch. The Federal Drive is found at FederalNewsNetwork.com and 1500 AM in the Washington D.C. region.

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 Is the Census Bureau ready for 2020 count? | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 09:43

It's getting closer and closer. The 2020 decennial count is on the horizon and the Census Bureau is in full prep mode. Will it be enough though? With lags in funding and new technology in need of testing, the agency has it's work cut out for it. For more, Federal News Radio's Eric White spoke with Robert Goldenkoff, director of strategic issues at the Government Accountability Office, on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

 Don't keep details of performance reviews from court | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 07:38

Say you're the incumbent contractor. Say you get not-so-great performance reviews, so you lose the recompete. If you decide to protest, don't try to keep details of the performance reviews from the court. The judges don't like that. Procurement attorney Joseph Petrillo of Petrillo and Powell shares more on a company that found this out on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

 Website offers overview of government's 300+ labs | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 08:50

Even federal scientists and laboratory employees might not know, the government operates more than 300 labs. Following a two-year effort, this collection of facilities has an updated website where you can find information about all of them. John Dement, chairman of the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer, talked about it on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

 Under 10-year Cerner contract, VA to follow DoDs same EHR implementation path | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 08:09

The Veterans Affairs Department is wrapping up negotiations with Cerner Corporation for a new electronic health record. It will be a 10-year contract, and VA wants to get the project off the ground quickly. It wants to follow the Defense Department's own implementation path. Federal News Radio's Nicole Ogrysko tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin VA will need some start-up money from Congress to get moving.

 Your security clearance takes more than 100 days because of this 3-year-old decision | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 09:07

It takes four times longer to get a security clearance today than it did three years ago. The backlog of investigations now stands at 695,000. A decision from the Office of Personnel Management back in 2014 eventually led to that backlog. Federal News Radio's Scott Maucione and Nicole Ogrysko join Federal Drive with Tom Temin with more on this and what else they've discovered in their special report, Is the Security Clearance Process Destined for Failure?

 Agency progress to modernize IT systems languishes as new MGT Act headed to White House | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 09:00

The Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act would give agencies working capital funds to use for moving off legacy systems.

 Here's a blueprint for lasting technology reforms | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 08:21

Federal agencies may seem stuck on the threshold of reform in how they acquire information technology and use it to modernize themselves. Now Accenture Federal Services and the Partnership for Public Service have issued what they call a blueprint for leading lasting technology reforms. Federal News Radio's Eric White discussed it Mallory Barg Bulman, vice president for research and evaluation at the Partnership, on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

 Why OPM is warning against DoD reclaiming the security clearance process | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 08:09

The battle over who's in charge of federal security clearances has been waging for decades. Big backlogs and long wait times for clearances and reinvestigations have prompted to transfer 75 percent of the investigative workload from the Office of Personnel Management and its National Background Investigations Bureau to the Defense Department. Yet just a few years ago, Congress transferred the program from the Defense Department to OPM. Federal News Radio's Scott Maucione and Nicole Ogrysko tell Federal Drive with Tom Temin the latest plan is not going well.

 New Intelligence Community website shining light on workforce, makes info search easier | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 07:00

Visit the new Intelligence.gov,and you'll notice something very different from the mysterious, secretive reputation of the community: people, the flesh and blood of the IC. Officials with the IC say they want the site to make intel and its personnel more visible, without compromising the mission of the component agencies. Federal News Radio's Meredith Somers shares the details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

 What NDAA has to say about procurement, bid protests | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 08:51

Like a panda cub's mother, Congress lavishes a lot of attention each year fashioning its bills to authorize the Defense Department. The House and Senate vote on their conference version for 2018 this week. For people buying and using information technology, it's got lots to say about procurement and bid protests. Eric Crucius, senior counsel at the law firm Holland and Knight, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with some things you need to know about.

 Congress zeroes in on NDAA, tax reform debate | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 09:44

With time running out on its continuing resolution and a big holiday season coming up, Congress has a lot on its plate. This week look for that conference report on the National Defense Authorization Act and more debate on tax reform. Bloomberg Government editorial director Loren Duggan tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin what to expect.

 How have agencies improved their email security? | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 10:07

It may not be a household word, but a set of standards called D-MARC can really improve email security by cutting out the possibility of fakery. That's why the Trump administration's executive order on cybersecurity directed agencies to install it. That was back in May. How are they doing? Jeff Wilbur, director of the Online Trust Alliance, provides a status update Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

 DoD anti-hacker program uncovers 3,000 bugs | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 09:54

The Defense Department's so-called bug bounty program uncovered 500 cybersecurity holes, all of which have been plugged. Now a separate program DoDs vulnerability disclosure policy may be an even bigger success. It lets anyone in the world report security holes they find in the DoD system without fear of prosecution. So far, digital good Samaritans have reported almost 3,000 bugs. Alex Rice is chief technology officer of HackerOne, the company that runs the disclosure portal for DoD, and Reina Staley is co-founder of the Defense Digital Service. They talked with Federal News Radios Jared Serbu about whats next with DoDs partnerships with white hat hackers on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

 Energy Department seeks low-cost desalination solutions | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 09:26

Desalination of water to make it fresh isn't new. But the Energy Department is seeking low cost, low-energy ways of doing it. It's launched a small grant program to tie desalination with solar energy. Dr. Avi Shultz, acting concentrating solar power program manager in DoE's Solar Energies Technology Office, shares the details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

 OFPP drafts memo to replace category management circular | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 08:25

It's been a year since the Office of Federal Procurement Policy released and accepted comments on its draft circular concerning category management. With almost no activity on that circular over the past year, could OFPP be taking a less permanent way to further this approach to buying. In his weekly feature, the Reporter's Notebook, Executive Editor Jason Miller's got an exclusive look at a new draft memo focused on demand management and best-in-class contracts. He shares the details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.


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