Agile for Humans with Ryan Ripley show

Agile for Humans with Ryan Ripley

Summary: The discussions in the agile world focus on process and tools. However, this is a podcast devoted to the individuals and interactions that make agile work. Join our rotating team of agile coaches as they discuss the human side of agile software development.

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 AFH 091: Using Nexus to Scale Scrum | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:15

Patricia Kong (@pmoonk88) and Kurt Bittner (@ksbittner) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss’s Nexus Framework. In this episode you’ll discover: What is the Nexus Famework How Nexus allows you to scale scrum without destroying its soul Why teams need to get good at Scrum FIRST and then worry about scaling Links from the show: GoFundMe for […]

 AFH 090: Walking the Spine Model | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:31

Kevin Trethewey (@KevinTrethewey) and Danie Roux (@danieroux) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss the Spine Model and how to use it effectively with agile and scrum teams. In this episode you’ll discover: What the Spine Model is. How to use the Spine Model with your agile teams Use the Spine Model to find common ground Applying […]

 AFH 089: Training from the Back of the Room with Kim Brainard | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:00

Kim Brainard (@Agilebrain1) joined me (@RyanRipley) to explore training from the back of the room techniques and practices. Kim has over 8 years of Agile experience and 15 years’ experience in IT project planning, implementation, and execution. She is skilled in building interaction and collaboration among organizations to drive change, support key business objectives, and maximize value […]

 AFH 088: Coaching Beyond the Team with Esther Derby and Don Gray | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:25

Esther Derby (@estherderby) Don Gray (@donaldegray), and Faye Thompson (@agilefaye) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss their upcoming workshop Coaching Beyond the Team in Columbus, Ohio April 3rd – 5th, 2018. Esther is an expert in organizational dynamics and a leading thinker in bringing agility to organizations, management, and teams. She co-authored “Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great” and […]

 AFH 087: Why Agile Isn’t Working with John Cutler | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:17

John Cutler (@johncutlefish) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss his article “Why Agile Isn’t Working” and what we can do about it. John is a multiple hat-wearer. Product development nut. He loves wrangling complex problems and answering the why with qualitative and quantitative data. John blogs on Medium here. John is currently Senior Product Manager for Search and Relevance at […]

 AFH 086: Talking Scrum with Steve Porter | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:12

Steve Porter (@stevevporter) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss a wide variety of deep Scrum topics and approaches. In this episode you’ll discover: Ways to think about Scrum Why context is so important when discussing Scrum How Scrum is built for safety Deeper insights about the concept of a Sprint Goal Links from the show: – […]

 AFH 085: Unlearning for Agile Teams with Jessie Shternshus | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:08

Jessie Shternshus (@TheImprovEffect) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss how to help teams unlearn past habit and how to help new mental models take hold. In this episode you’ll discover: How to approach working with new teams Why sometimes we need to unlearn before we can learn When games and exercises can be used to […]

 AFH 084: Ryan Ripley on the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:38:02

Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) recently joined Vasco Duarte (@duarte_vasco) on the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast to discuss Agile Coaching and working with teams. I had a lot of fun recording this episode with Vasco. We covered the very broad topic of agile coaching. I really liked that we were able to deep dive agile coaching and […]

 AFH 083: Create Your Successful Agile Project with Johanna Rothman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:29

Johanna Rothman (@johannarothman) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss her new book:  Create Your Successful Agile Project – Collaborate, Measure, Estimate, and Deliver Johanna is known as the “Pragmatic Manager” who provides frank advice for difficult problems. She is a prolific author and blogger. She also publishes a newsletter called The Pragmatic Manager. She provides workshops, training, and other services to organizations looking to improve the […]

 AFH 082: Coaching Beyond Agile with Pradeepa Narayanaswamy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:03

Pradeepa Narayanaswamy (@NPradeepa) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss how she uses her agile superpowers for good as an infertility coach. Pradeepa is a Professional Scrum Trainer with, a Professional Coach, and sought after conference speaker. As an Agile Coach, she is a self-proclaimed “Agile Passionista” who strongly believes in agile values & principles to help organizations […]

 AFH 081: The Scrum Guide Gets an Update with Dave West | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:08

Dave West (@davidjwest) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss the latest updates to the Scrum Guide. Dave is the CEO/product owner at He is a frequent speaker and widely published author of articles and his acclaimed book, Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. He led the development of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and worked with […]

 AFH 080: Agile NYC with Joe Krebs | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:57

Joe Krebs (@jochenkrebs) joined Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley) to discuss his podcast (Agile.FM), agile leadership, agile user groups and the impact of agile on organizations. Agile is part of Joe’s DNA. He is the founder and organizer of AgileNYC, an international speaker, trainer, author, and host of the Agile.FM podcast. Joe is the founder of Incrementor – the largest […]

 AFH 079: How to Build an Agile Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:55

Many people have written in and asked how to create an agile podcast. Chris Spangle joined Ryan Ripley to discuss how to build a podcast, the equipment it takes to get started, how to pick topics, and where to find listeners. Chris is the web director for a nationally syndicated morning show. Before this, he worked […]

 AFH 078: The Agile Coaching Summit 2017 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:01

Agilist from all over the country gathered for the Agile Coaching Summit in Chicago, Illinois at the Uptake offices to discuss agile coaching and how to have a greater impact on organizations and agile teams. This episode is the recording of an open space sessions that I hosted. We had lots of great questions from […]

 AFH 077: Agile Africa 2017 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:59

Don Gray (@donaldegray), Faye Thompson (@agilefaye), Joanne Perold (@joperold), Barry Tandy (@barrytandy), Regina Martins (@gianamar), Oz Chihwayi (@ozchihwayi), and Karl Fuchs (@karlofuchs) joined Ryan Ripley (@RyanRipley) to discuss agile coaching at Agile Africa 2017. Don is a friend and mentor to me, and a valued member of the agile community. He has contributed to multiple books including: CENTER […]


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