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 Gunfighter Cast – 161- Home Defense | Create the Advantage | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:58

Today we discuss concepts of home defense and home defense advantages. Broadly in this context, we’re referring to the “hearth and home” domicile perspective, i.e. where you live and sleeps and where your family lives and sleeps — it is not limited to such a place, however. A home (domicile) will usually be the location where the things you care about most are located. Although a home is not necessarily also a house, it is typically the most important structure or part of a structure, you might have to defend, and defense may be passive (i.e. keeping it secure while you’re away) or . Barring a work location and in some cases a vehicle, it is also likely the structure or location you’ll be spending the most time in. Prior consideration, planning ahead, and realistic-pragmatic preparation are always going to be the best home security systems you can invest in: though there’s no harm in “defense in depth” or layering! 8:05 DS Says, I have a ten-year-old son and my considerations would be different if it were just me and my wife or if it were just me alone– so what are some things people should be thinking about out there? VF responds, “From all the training I’ve done and my personal experience, I think it’s best not to go looking for a fight, or to get sucked into a fight on someone else’s terms. That urge to go pick up your gun and go hunting is probably the worst idea. Especially when everything you love is behind you and you’re going venturing out into the house just aimlessly wandering around until you bump into a fight. That’s not a very good plan.” The better plan “Pick the area you want to have the most advantage to have the fight at and then choose to have the fight there. Layouts are going to determine if it is possible for you to do this or not.The best possible option is to have an area of denial; this could be your bedroom and your kid’s bedroom…” “If there’s missed rounds in that fight then there’s going to be missed shots from his end, and when there is, you don’t want to be standing right in front of your family.You need to set these areas up in a way that determines where the areas of fire are, where the missed rounds would go and also with enough space to keep them away from you and your loved ones and have that fight happen away from you.” –VF Check out Daniel’s recommendation for your door reinforcement: HERE Myth Alert “One of the myths we don’t want to slip into is that you’re at an automatic advantage because this is your house and you know the terrain. That’s a ridiculous line of thought. The reason I say this is because it’s not like your house is incredibly different than anyone else’s house. We all have our houses set up in a very similar way… It’s not that hard to navigate intuitively.” –VF View The full article: HERE

 Gunfighter Cast – 160 – Off-Body Carry. Should You? Shouldn’t you? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:30

The Importance Of Lifestyle VF says, “If you have a life where you would put a gun in a bag and then get up and start your day in your car for 8 hours because you can’t have it in your workplace, OR you’re going to several places during the day and you can’t carry the bag in with you; Then off-body carry doesn’t make as much sense because the majority of the time you are without that gun that’s exposed. [AKA car-carry]” “The reason that I was so against OBC was primarily because of purse carry and all the accidents and child shootings that were happening because kids would dig into mom’s purse, find a gun and blast themselves or their bro or sis in their face and You got kids dying because people are unconsciously carrying a weapon off-body. And that, I am against.” “The reason that I think it’s nice to have a dedicated kit for carrying a weapon, is because if you carry a purse every day, throwing a gun in it is not going to change the utility of the purse for all the other things that you use it for. All the things you do with that purse every single day, it’s not likely you’re going to stop doing those things just because you threw a gun in it…So [a dedicated kit], will help with that type of awareness building and understanding how to build new strict habits.” Read the full article HERE

 Gunfighter Cast – 159 – More The Knowledge, Lesser The Ego | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:05

We have lots of new, green gun owners taking responsibility for their own personal and family protection turning to forums and social media to gain knowledge and information. Often in the firearms industry, we see a certain kind of person who feels empowered and has a serious ego attachment to certain ideas and using the correct terminology. In this podcast, we dissect the self-proclaimed experts and terminology police, and talk about what our real priorities should be. Ego in the Firearms Community A Closer Look 1:35 DS explains, On one hand we say we need to get more new gun owners fighting for our Second Amendment…Then when they come along we get really mean to them when they call a magazine a clip. Where does this originate from? VF replies, “People craft this ability to only talk about things that they’ve learned the standard set of information about. You’ll notice that you won’t hear these people talk outside a few topics. The reason they do that is because they don’t know everything and they don’t want to be called out in the ways they call other people out. They create this world where they live in just a few topics and they’re willing to spend this unhealthy amount of time talking about these things when they could be learning about these other topics that they avoid. They could actually become proficient in the other topics, but they’d rather spend time calling other people out like they’re the terminology police of the gun community.” Prioritize the Right Information 5:30 I’ve had people come up to me at the end of class and say “Hey that new guy who’s never really shot a gun before and he came to your handgun class, he called this thing a clip – all day, and you didn’t say anything to him,” DS responds, Don’t be a know-it-all by using terminology to cut others down. Instead, work on continuously improving your range of skills and transfer that knowledge. Don’t be a know-it-all by using terminology to cut others down. Instead, work on continuously improving your range of skills and transfer that knowledge. “Well why would I? I’ve got a brand-new shooter; he just got a gun, he’s showing up, he’s getting a concealed carry permit, he wants to learn how to defend his family, I’ve got 2 days that are 8-9 hours each with hi to teach him how to fight, how to defend himself, how to think – I’ve got so much information I’m trying to get across to this guy. I’m trying to change his mindset… I have 0 time to stop and tell him what something is called. When I know he’s talking about a magazine, you know he’s talking about a magazine. Who cares? I’m just glad you’re here. Let’s get some important information out there and not take time talking about the stupid stuff.” “Find ways of actually prioritizing self growth and as you get that, help bring others up.” – Daniel Shaw Read the full article: HERE

 Gunfighter Cast – 158 – The One Thing You Should Be Practising Everyday | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:06

THE IMPORTANCE OF MISSION DEFINING IT 1:00 Asked what mission means to a regular armed citizen [or] law enforcement officer, VF responds, “Mission is, primarily what you’re willing to do, what you’re allowed to do, who you’re going to do it to, having all those questions answered before anything ever happens.It’s made up of boundaries, external and internal parameters; External being the use of force policies or rule of law – what’s allowed for self-defense in the area or municipality you live in, understanding those things helps determine your mission. And your internal parameters; what are you willing to kill or die for. How can you set yourself up for the moral aftermath of what might be involved in defending yourself, is that a part of your parameters? Your mission is built from understanding what lengths you’re willing to go through and what your limitations are. – that’s going to determine your gear, how you train, it really is what drives the whole train.” VIOLATIONS: MISSION VS ACTION “If you step out of your house every day and you say your primary mission is to protect your family and yourself so you can live out your life with your family…then you go out and you get involved in every fight that you see happening because you want to be the hero. That’s a discrepancy between mission and action… If you can’t have a majority of these decisions made before the fight, you’re going to stumble during the fight. You’re going to have hesitations and, you’re going to have uncertainties, those are things that we train to eliminate in fighting so that we can be effective…And you can’t do that if you’re unclear about; what you’re willing to do, who you’re willing to do it to, when you’re willing to do it.” “There’s this huge plethora of consequences, unintended but very avoidable consequences that will come from violating your mission…You could have consequences that you are not properly equipped because you stepped into something bigger that what you [had prepared] for.” Before you step forward to intervene in something you must weigh that action and its possible consequences against your mission. Will taking that action impede your primary mission? Does it put anyone else – who actually be your mission – at risk? Is it prudent, proper, or pragmatic to take action? This holds true whether you’re at the grocery store or caught up in riotous civil unrest . Before you step forward to intervene in something you must weigh that action and its possible consequences against your mission. Will taking that action impede your primary mission? Does it put anyone else – who actually be your mission – at risk? Is it prudent, proper, or pragmatic to take action? This holds true whether you’re at the grocery store or caught up in riotous civil unrest. Read the full article HERE

 Gunfighter Cast – 164 – Preparation For And Avoidance Of Asymmetrical Violence | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:47

This past weekend marked an increase in violence surrounding demonstrations across the country. Lives were lost as a result. Many people — protesters and bystanders alike — were injured. We saw it at the Austin protest, a rally in Louisville, at a demonstration in Seattle, and in other places. Today it seems appropriate to discuss some of the events we’re currently faced with and what we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from danger. The best thing we can do in our position as podcasters, bloggers, and instructors and teachers, is to talk about safety and survival objectives, including: • threats and how to recognize them • threats and how to avoid them • response without reacting to emotional triggers • preparation, precautions, and preemptive measures Training Your Mind: Self-control 21:45 VF recommends, The first thing I’d try to accomplish in the category of self-control, is to resist being emotionally charged by any headline, or any video, or any post on social media, or anything you see that comes at you from a remote distance. If you [get] emotionally charged, you’re allowing something outside of yourself to take control of you and your emotions. Your decision making is going to be [impaired] based on those emotions. Now your decision making is not entirely yours anymore. You become very predictable and very controllable. …the things that charge you up emotionally, you should recognize those immediately and stop yourself from allowing that to happen. Step back and be logical, be rational, and be objective about your decision making. Read the full article: HERE

 Talking Lead 357 – The “DID I WIN??!!” Episode | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:07

Well, Did I??!! The time has arrived, Lead Heads, to announce the winning participant of the Talking Lead & Friends Independence Day Giveaway! To assist Lefty in bestowing this magnificent prize package on one lucky individual, we brought in all the companies involved. David with Mission First Tactical, Chad with Kel-Tec Inc., Chris with Buck … Continue reading "Talking Lead 357 – The “DID I WIN??!!” Episode"

 Talking Lead 356 – Charlie Melton: New Knives, The G-Sling & More | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:18:42

Welcome New & Veteran Lead Heads! In this episode we have good friend and long time Lead Head Navy SEAL sniper instructor Charlie Melton joins us along with Director of Marketing for Buck Knives Chris Brooks. Buck Knives has consulted with Charlie on a new set of specialty tactical knives that will be available soon. … Continue reading "Talking Lead 356 – Charlie Melton: New Knives, The G-Sling & More"

 Gun and Gear Review Podcast Episode 333 – UH-1 gen2, Stinger, SOG Ultra, 938 SAS | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:09

On this week’s episode, we discuss Vortex’s new AMG UH-1 Gen II holographic sight, Streamlights Stinger 2020 handheld rechargeable flashlight, SOG’s Ultra XR Carbon and Gold knife, and lastly, SIG’s new 938 SAS pistol. For all the show notes and back episodes, head over to

 God and Guns 275 – Is Civil War on the horizon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:18:46

Join us this week for another sobering show as we discuss is there a possibility of another Civil War with the push by Soros funded Marxist Groups to Clash with Patriots?  We will also have all the usual activities, bible verses, lame jokes, Armed Citizen of the week, hunting stories, and more.

 We Like Shooting Double Tap 163 – Where is my bacon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:06:08

Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 163 Where we answer your questions, talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news. COMPLETE SHOW NOTES HERE

 Civilian Carry Radio 153 – Bill Rapier of American Tactical Shooting Instruction (Amtac Shooting) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:34:20

This podcast focuses on the importance of the 2nd amendment, firearms safety, education, training and mindset. Our mission statement: Gun ownership is YOUR RIGHT, Safety and Education are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY I’m your host Baraka Ulrich James, along with my  co-host Allen Sams You the viewers make this program possible. You can contribute to the show … Continue reading "Civilian Carry Radio 153 – Bill Rapier of American Tactical Shooting Instruction (Amtac Shooting)"

 Reloading Podcast 308 – Travis said he’s frugal | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:16:27

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.   Tonight the gang are talking about chronographs and other things.

 We Like Shooting 360 – Comb on your beard | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:22:10

Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 360 – tonight we’ll talk about Second Call Defense, Faxon Firearms, Swampfox Optics, Black Rhino Concealment, Polymer 80, Medical Gear Outfitters and Brownells and more! COMPLETE SHOW NOTES HERE

 Off Road Podcast 264 – Trailer Talk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:33:00

Tonight, Aaron motors up, Jeremy clunk clunk clunks, and Ben rolls up his sleeves.  Welcome to the off-road podcast. A podcast about everything off-road. We cover the news, review products, and interview people in the off road industry.  I’m your host Ben and I’m here with my co-hosts Jeremy.  How’s everyone doing? Jeremy – Got … Continue reading "Off Road Podcast 264 – Trailer Talk"

 We Like Shooting 359 – Who ate the lizard | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:43:17

Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 359 – tonight we’ll talk about Faxon Firearms, Swampfox Optics, Black Rhino Concealment, Second Call Defense, Bowers Group, Franklin Armory, Brownells, Shield Arms, Rangefinders, 3D printed gun powder, Swampfox Trihawk, Mountain Man Medical and more! COMPLETE SHOW NOTES HERE


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