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Summary: The C-Realm is a weekly, interview-based program which features discussions on topics ranging from a possible technological singularity, to entheogenic exploration, the re-localization of community and agriculture, and the competing narratives by which we define ourselves and navigate our world.


 35: Ayahuasca & Human Destiny | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:00

In this episode I play the talk by Dennis McKenna that opened the first Amazonian Shamanism Conference back in 2005. It's called "Ayahuasca and Human Destiny" and is followed by a Q&A session. Dennis McKenna "I have a long-standing interest in natural products, and in the potential for plant-derived medicines leading to the discovery of new modalities in health and healing. The integrative, cross-disciplinary perspective that characterize the Center make it the ideal venue in which to pursue research and education in the area of botanical medicines and natural products." Dr. McKenna brings more than 25 years experience in biosciences, biochemistry and pharmacognosy to the Center for Spirituality and Healing, where he is a senior lecturer on topics that include ethnopharmacology and botanical medicines in health care. Dr. McKenna earned his Master's degree in botany at the University of Hawaii in 1979 and his doctorate of botanical sciences at the University of British Columbia in 1984. Since that time, his wide-ranging experience includes serving as the Director of Ethnopharmacology at Shaman Pharmaceuticals and as senior research pharmacognosist for Aveda Corporation in Minneapolis, Minn. He is the founder and executive director of the Institute for Natural Products Research and editor-in-chief of two publications: The Natural Dietary Supplements Pocket Reference (INPR, 2002) and Botanical Medicines: The Desk Reference for Major Herbal Supplements (Haworth Herbal Press, 2002). He serves on the Advisory Board of the American Botanical Council and the Editorial Board of Phytomedicine, the International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology. he is the author or co-author of more than 35 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. McKenna has special interest Ethnopharmacology, botanical medicines, natural products and drug discovery and medical applications of psychedelic agents. You can find the full text of Dennis McKenna's essay here: http://www.futurehi.net/archives/000815.html And you can learn more about the 3rd International Shamanism Conference here: http://www.soga-del-alma.org/ConferenceSite/


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