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SmartPlanet (Video)

Summary: CBS Interactive’s SmartPlanet features thought-provoking progressive ideas on diverse topics that intersect with technology, business, and life, and matter to the world at large. Whether you are making technology decisions for your business, or eco-conscious decisions for your home, SmartPlanet will give you the 360° coverage you need to feel informed and connected to the news and information that matters to you.

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 Solar suitcase supplies electricity to developing-world hospitals | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 182

After witnessing women in desperate conditions delivering babies in African hospitals, Dr. Laura Stachel knew she needed to help. She and Hal Aronson have designed a solar kit that is portable and permanent and can provide electricity during labor and bi

 Bioelectric bandages speed up healing, reduce pain | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 98

We use bandages to protect our wounds, but what if they could accelerate our recovery? Or better yet, make our injuries hurt less. Procellera bandages accomplish that by creating a tiny electric current. SmartPlanet's Sumi Das explains.

 How texting can solve unreliable water issues | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 257

In the hundreds of millions of Asian, Latin American, and African households where water is only available once every week or two weeks, families lose both time and potential income waiting to fill their buckets. SmartPlanet's Sumi Das talks to a f

 Self-folding stroller will please both moms and Transformers fans | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 147

Moms of wee ones are always wishing they had a pair of free hands. The Origami stroller from 4Moms doesn't offer extra limbs, but it does make the dreaded chore of collapsing and unfolding a stroller painless. SmartPlanet's Sumi Das takes it

 iPad software makes patient intake fun | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 363

Silicon Valley-based Tonic Health is developing software to make medical data collection more patient-friendly. SmartPlanet's Sumi Das sits down with CEO Sterling Lanier for a demo of some of the gamification features inside.

 Unboxing a Kiwi craft crate with company CEO | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 317

Looking for ways to keep your kids with short-attention spans, more engaged? You might want to try, Kiwi Crate, a subscription service designed for busy parents. Here's how it works. Sign up for a monthly subscription, and get a box full of crafts d

 How SRI aims to improve middle school math skills | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 180

SRI researcher Phil Vahey is studying why many students flounder in math when they enter middle school. SmartPlanet visits the research organization and gets a tutorial on a more visual approach to learning math.

 Azumio turns your phone into a biofeedback device | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 312

Whether it is analyzing your heart rate, controlling stress, or tracking your sleep patterns, Silicon Valley-based Azumio is using smartphone technology to give users a better and more accurate picture of your health. SmartPlanet gets a demo from Azumio

 Sticky fingers for robots | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 71

Grabit, a spin-off from research institute SRI International has developed a way for robots to pick up objects using electroadhesion. SmartPlanet's Sumi Das finds out how the technology works.

 Robots help sea and space exploration | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 197

Robots help sea and space exploration

 Lizard motion influencing design of search and rescue robots | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 189

Robert Full, a professor at University of California at Berkeley, believes that by studying the motion of animals, we can better design robots for search and rescue missions. SmartPlanet visits his lab to look at its robot, Tailbot, and the Agama lizard

 Matterport develops tech to scan the physical world in 3D | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 170

At the Silicon Valley-based company, CEO Matt Bell and co-founders Dave Gausebeck and Mike Beebe are developing a consumer-friendly system to capture physical environments into three-dimensional images with the use of a handheld scanner and software.

 Techie DIY projects creating a movement | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 338

Laser cutting, machine sewing, wood-working -- they're some of the skills used to build today's latest tech product. And more and more entrepreneurs are getting hands-on training to make their ideas a reality. Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop, talks

 Charging devices eliminate vampire power | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 105

We all know that leaving a device plugged in wastes significant amounts of electricity over time. But is anyone motivated enough to unplug all their gadgets and appliances while they're not in use? SmartPlanet's Sumi Das takes a look at a new

 Booking a ride in someone else's car | File Type: video/m4v | Duration: 186

Taking a trip but don't want to drive by yourself? Ride-sharing startup Zimride enables drivers to sell empty seats in their cars. Passengers can buy rides with people already driving to where they want to go. SmartPlanet looks at how the company us


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