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The Johnny Cassell Show show

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Welcome to The Johnny Cassell show, hosted by CEO, entrepreneur, author, dating coach and public speaker Johnny Cassell. In this podcast you will find a mixture of interviews, tips, advice, segments from my youtube channel and guidance on developing key areas in your dating and social life. I also record my thoughts exclusively for this channel.<br> <br> Enjoy the podcast!<br> <br> JC

By Johnny Cassell London Dating Coach

Science of Better: Crunching the Numbers, an INFORMS Podcast show

Science of Better: Crunching the Numbers, an INFORMS PodcastJoin Now to Follow

A series of podcasts with unexpected insights into the way that math, analytics, and operations research affect people like you and organizations like your own. In every segment, an expert explains how he or she changed the world by crunching the numbers. (


Living Your Best Life show

Living Your Best LifeJoin Now to Follow

We will explore how to live your best life with stem cells. Listen to guests discuss about stem cells innovations. Hosted by Dr. Anne Truong.

By Dr. Anne Truong

החללית - תכנית אינטרנט על החלל show

החללית - תכנית אינטרנט על החללJoin Now to Follow

דברים מעניינים קורים עכשיו בחלל, ואנחנו ממש רוצים לספר לכם עליהם! התכנית סוקרת את האירועים העדכניים ביותר בתחום החלל , באסטרונומיה , אסטרופיזיקה , טיסות מאויישות , ניסויים ומחקרים , בשפה פשוטה ובליווי הסברים ומענה לשאלות הצופים . בתכנית ישתתפו: יואב לנדסמן, ד"ר קרן לנדסמן, יעל הילמן, עפר מתוקי, וד"ר ויקטור צ'רנוב. לעוד פרטים:

By Refael Cohen

ספק סביר show

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ברוכים הבאים לספק סביר – פודקאסט לחשיבה סקפטית ביקורתית ומדעית – ובעברית! “ ספק סביר ” הינה תוכנית אינטרנט (פודקאסט) לנושאים סקפטיים-מדעיים, עם מיקוד ישראלי. התוכניות יעסקו בחשיבה ביקורתית, השיטה המדעית, בחינת סוגיות פסאדו-מדעיות, חדשות מדעיות, והכל באריזה כיפית וחברית. תחשבו עלינו כעל “מפצחי המיתוסים”, רק בלי תקציב. RSS: לעוד פרטים: *** (הועלה מחדש ע"י Refael Cohen באישור היוצרים)

By ירון אסא, ברק ניצן

DaxPod: Adventures of Dax in a changing world show

DaxPod: Adventures of Dax in a changing worldJoin Now to Follow

DaxPod: Adventures of Dax the Dragon in a changing world. Join us on an audio exploration of the Dax the Dragon, a fictional hypnotic character who enjoys exploring and adventures. Dax is helping people address issues in their everyday world with the use of storytelling and hypnosis. This show is mostly informational, with an occasional hypnotic episode. Here we are mostly addressing topics and changes that are made available to the Dax Community. Most hypnotic content found in our great member community at This podcast is our way of communicating with new people just learning about Dax or existing members to stay up on the latest developments.

By Martin Vendemia and Dax the Dragon

Brown Girl White Coat show

Brown Girl White CoatJoin Now to Follow

Welcome to Brown Girl White Coat, a space created to encourage diversity in medicine and provide a realistic perspective on what medical school is "really like." I hope you leave feeling empowered, inspired, and entertained.

By Saie Joshi

The Mind Deconstructed: Mental Health and Wellness show

The Mind Deconstructed: Mental Health and WellnessJoin Now to Follow

Dr. Kaz Nelson, a psychiatrist at the University of Minnesota, along with host, George, serve as translators between the psychiatric field and the non-medical community. Podcast goals: Dispel myths, address listener questions, talk directly about serious topics, such as suicide, and inform the public about what they need to know to maintain mental health and a life worth living.

By Dr. Kaz and George

Stupid Genius with Emma Chamberlain show

Stupid Genius with Emma ChamberlainJoin Now to Follow

Stupid Genius is the brainchild of YouTuber, Emma Chamberlain. In every episode she takes a puzzling question, like "Why do onions make us cry?," and is given three guesses to try to solve it. Will she be able to do it? Listen every Thursday to find out!

By Emma Chamberlain and Ramble

The UND AeroCast (HD VIDEO) show

The UND AeroCast (HD VIDEO)Join Now to Follow

UND Aerospace helps professional and aspiring aviation enthusiasts explore the joy and science of aviation through innovative video training topics narrated by experienced Certified Flight Instructors. The material presented in this series should not be used in place of actual ground or flight instruction. Consult a Certified Flight Instructor for aviation instruction. Prospective students, begin your aviation training at UND Aerospace in Grand Forks, North Dakota or any of our satellite locations by visiting our website at:

By UND Aerospace