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adicolor show

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adidas creates a film series celebrating color, customization and personal expression. Each director was given a blank canvas to create a short film based on their emotional and creative response to a given color - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Black or White. The seven directors are Roman Coppola & Andy Bruntel, Neill Blomkamp, PSYOP, TRONIC, Saiman Chow, Charlie White, and HAPPY.

By adicolor

The Wine Dude's Podcasts show

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The Winedude - Tasting as you go a podcast for those excited about wine tasting but too poor to be a snob....A No Rules approach to wine tasting that is quite informative & educational yet fun to wine tasters old & new.

By The Wine Dude

Radio America show

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Remember the good old Days, when we could just sit down and listen to a good ole' story, the days of glory and honor, come join us at the living room and listen to some fun times. How we could let our hair down and relax.

By Radioamerica

The Best Video Podcast show

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The Best Video Podcast is Superlative Web Rock Theatre, the world's premiere pan-genre artistic, cultural and political phenomenon. This video podcast is god-like, but mixed with pop culture and then digitized. Not subscribing to The Best immediately is like having the opportunity to be there when the wheel is invented but deciding to gather tubors instead. Don't subscribe to anything less than The Best!

By Anonymous Ensemble

Skip TV show

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Extreme is more than a sport, it's a way of life and it In Your Face!

By Skip Fredricks

Rezin the Complete Seriess show

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Rezin (pronounced "Ree-zin") is a Christian action/adventure 3D animated series focusing on a character named, “Rezin” who is caught in the middle of a global conspiracy where he fights against the evil Dominion empire who are in the throws of unleashing untold evil upon the earth. []

Recover in Christ show

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christian recovery,recovery,bible reading,jesus,addiction,recover,aa support,christian support,codendent,depression

By recoverinchrist

Globalization Since 1492 Spring 06 show

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Globalization Since 1492 is a interdisciplinary university course that examines the complex historical nature of globalization. The class is broadcast live wednesday nights at 6pm MST.

By Anthony J. Hall

TripFLIX Tours show

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TripFlix creates new media that helps families make the most of their vacation travel. In the spirit of the holidays, TripFLIX had produced a video walking tour of New York's famed holiday window displays. Guided by the window designers themselves, the tour reveals the stories, themes, and history of this annual holiday tradition offered by New York's merchants for decades. Window designers from Bloomingdale's, Macy's and even the NBA Store offer their insights on the design process, and add behind-the-scenes stories about the creation of these fabulous displays. Other stops on the tour include: Sacks 5th Avenue, Lord & Taylor, and the Disney Store.


Spanish Professores.Pod show

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This podcast/videocast has to do with different Hispanic expression that are used in the Spanish-speaking world. They are made and produced by university students and professors of Spanish here in the USA, and are intended for students and professors in the teaching and learning of Spanish. The expression are explained in Spanish and then used in a contextualized sentence. Este podcast/vodcast tiene que ver con unos modismos que se usan en el mundo hispano. Son hechos por estudiantes y profesores universitarios de espanol aqui en EEUU, y son para estudiantes y profesores para el aprendizaje y la ensenanza del espanol. Se explican los modismos y luego se usan en una frase contextualizada.

By Tony Spanos