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New York based Jazz singer, Joan Crowe is on a mission to inject a little humor in to the world of jazz. The purpose of this video pod cast is to chronicle the “contenders” for her up coming CD, Gemini. It will be a double CD with one disc being the humorous songs that she is well known for and the other disc will be the “saddest songs I know”. Each Monday night at Jim Caruso’s Cast Party, the wildly popular Extreme Open Mic at Birdland, Joan will try out a new song for the usually packed and star-studded audience. At the end of the series subscribers will be asked to vote for the 10 best songs, which will then be recorded, live for the CD. The pod cast will also feature highlights from other performers she deems worthy. So if you like Jazz with a sense of humor subscribe now!

Everyday Blues Podcast show

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Brazilian podcast about the blues

By Andre Sa

Waxing Deep Radio show

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Waxing Deep is a weekly radio programme/podcast that explores jazz, funk, psych, disco, Brazilian, afro, Latin, soul, and happy combinations thereof. Expect eclectic and intelligent programming bringing you obscurities and classics alike. Jazz cats, jaded collectors, good music neophytes, and the simply curious will all dig the Waxing Deep sound (guaranteed).

By Dan Zacks

Avatar Studios Presents show

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This is a 30-minute music podcast presented by Avatar Studios, one of the industry's top recording studios, located in New York City. The program features great music and interviews by the people who recorded the music. The aim of the show is to help introduce music that may not be widely known or heard, but of great quality. The intent was also to present a professionally produced show with superb audio quality.

By Avatar Studios

All That Swing show

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All that swing, jazz and more. Weekly radio show on KZSU Stanford featuring vocal jazz, and cabaret music from the 1920\\\'s to the 1950\\\'s. Each week presents a different angle on the history of Jazz and Cabaret music - Women of Jazz (2-parts series), Jazz & Cinema, Jazz in New Orleans, Cabaret music in pre-war Germany etc. Check out the podcast\\\'s website for more info: http://allthatswing.wordrpress.com

Crazy Joe's Surf Lounge podcast #1 show

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Original surf lounge music, art, entertainment and information from Crazy Joe's SurfLounge.com

By Joe Fleming

Miscelânea Vanguardiosa - World's Number One Brazilian Music Podcast show

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World's number one Brazilian Music Podcast - We bring you a weekly show with great tracks and comments about brazilian music - plus our daily playlist with the best music from Brazil - O Podcast da Música Instrumental Brasileira - Levamos até você um belo repertório e comentários relevantes no nosso programa semanal - e a nossa playlist diária recheada com o melhor da música do Brasil ``````````````````````````````World's Number one Brazilian Music Podcast!!

By Ricardo Sá Reston

Curse Buster Sound Podcast show

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Original sounds from blind jazz saxophonist: Kevin Brown.

By Kevin Brown

Antoine Smith aka DJ Night Writer show

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Welcome and thanks for joining Host: Antoine Smith aka DJ Night Writer show! The show serves as a spin-off from Antoine being interviewed in the past and present with some of Blog Talk Radio's greatest hosts. It will showcase, as a LISTENING PARTY for his jazz and other genres, amongst his latest music information, and where to buy it! ---*Turn On Records (subsidiary of Eroica Classical Recordings, Inc.,) Larry A. Russell, CEO says...the talented and highly motivated young musician/composer/percussionist and singer, is a "phenom." This gifted, now 17-year-old has has talent, ideas, and musical gifts far beyond his years. Born on August 1, 1992 in Euclid, Ohio, he comes from a family of musicians, singers, dancers, composers, managers, and teachers. Mr. Russell also says...I'm also thinking about our Turn On Records artist, Antoine Christopher Smith and his radio interviews on Blog Talk Radio. He has everything he needs to hit the big time, and is willing to do the practicing with a music coach, performing, and heavy duty promotional expertise and work ethic. We expect big things from you Antoine. ---*As a 1st place winner in the Pro Soul 2009 music contest, it says...Antoine C. Smith's winning track "Emotional Explosion" blew the team at Pro Soul away - there is no doubt this talented young man is an up and coming music sensation for his generation. ---*Antoine Smith is aka DJ Night Writer, a rap/r&b/hip-hop/pop/j-pop producer/hookman and artist on popular sites such as; Youtube and Myspace. ---*Currently, he is a senior in high school that has been applying and receiving great results from colleges that offer his dream of enrolling in Audio Production & Engineering. For an interview, contact him Toll Free @ 888-286-0397.

By Antoine Smith