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Exited show

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When young people finish high school, they need to figure out what to do next. Growing up can be a daunting experience for everyone, but for people with disabilities, it can feel like arriving at a cliff. Exited explores this moment through the experiences of eight young people and their families as they search for a place to belong. It's a podcast about growing up and trying to find a place where you belong -- when you've been told your whole life that you're different.

By WXXI News

Great Minds with Michael Medved show

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News comes and news goes, but there are some questions that never go away. On Great Minds with Michael Medved, Discovery Institute brings conversations about perennial, ultimate issues that go to the core of our shared values. Each show features a particularly deep and original thinker, a great mind to help us explore great ideas.

By Discovery Institute

Old School show

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Enjoy Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, and many other 'Old School' TYT hosts in this throwback to the good 'ole days when TYT was less about the news cycle and more about a good conversation. This podcast features a few of the most recent episodes from Old School, a TYT Member-exclusive show. TYT Members get every episode a full week before the public, as well as a special all-inclusive Old School podcast feed! Check out these features and many more at TYT

By The Young Turks, LLC.

The Super Empty Show show

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A weekly hip-hop talk show that discusses national rap news, reviews local and national releases, and just might debut a song here and there!

By Runaway Podcast Network

Skullduggery show

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<p>Skullduggery is a new podcast from Yahoo News focused on Washington scandals in the Trump era and their impact on today's politics. Conceived and co-hosted by Yahoo News's Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff and Editor in Chief Daniel Klaidman, the podcast offers a deep dive into the high-stakes investigation into Russia's effort to subvert the 2016 election and allegations of collusion by the Donald Trump presidential campaign. Every Friday, Skullduggery will break down the latest revelations in the Russia scandal, offering authoritative analysis while helping listeners discern which developments really matter and which are overblown.</p><p><br></p><p>Isikoff and Klaidman won't just be recapping the latest news on the Russia investigation, they'll be breaking it too -- just as they have since the earliest days of the 2016 election. Skullduggery will feature Yahoo News' own exclusive reporting -- as well as newsmaking interviews -- making it a unique offering among political podcasts. Isikoff and Klaidman will provide historical context, offer insights and exchange old war stories to illuminate today's probes and controversies. They will examine the big legal questions hanging over the investigation, assess the political battles on both sides of the divide and shed light on the personalities in the crosshairs and those driving the investigations. Can a sitting president be indicted? What would happen if President Trump fired Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller? What are the chances of impeachment? What about invoking the 25th Amendment? They will also explore instances where Trump's critics have overshot their mark or distorted the known facts.</p><p><br></p><p>Skullduggery launches on January 12, twenty years after Isikoff -- who at the time was working alongside Klaidman on the Newsweek investigative team -- first uncovered the news that independent counsel Kenneth Starr was investigating President Clinton's affair with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. Isikoff and Klaidman will relive the Lewinsky scandal -- the last time a president was impeached -- and share with listeners the lessons and perils it holds for today. They will also draw on their deep personal and professional experience covering virtually every DC scandal in the two decades since; from Whitewater to campaign finance abuses, CIA torture, weapons of mass destruction, and everything in between. It will be substantive but personality drive, informal yet authoritative, feeding off the personal chemistry between two veteran reporters who have been friends and colleagues for more than twenty years.</p><p><br></p><p>Unlike traditional podcasts, Skullduggery will be distributed on multiple platforms and in different formats, including video, satellite radio and everywhere podcasts are available.</p>

By Yahoo News

Hail 2 the Tweet show

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A weekly celebration of the absurdity and idiocy of the current President of the United States through dramatic reading of his official statements, i.e. tweets.

By Backroom Media

HBCU Journeys show

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In interviews with Atlanta Journal-Constitution journalists, graduates of historically black colleges and universities describe a memorable moment in their HBCU experience.

By The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

CAUTIONARY TALES: Jason Pettigrew show

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You want to have a career in music, but someone else is getting the money. AP editor in chief Jason Pettigrew engages with rockers of all kinds to learn how they navigated the treacherous waters of the music industry to end up with smooth sailing or swimming back to shore. You'll laugh, you might cry, you may end up matriculating after all.

By AltPress

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto Podcast show

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BBCP is a podcast about the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain world, trying to educate people on value of the bitcoin/blockchain technology and it's implications. Follow the host Alex Merced at Find out how to support the show at Subscripe to Alex's other podcasts: The AlexMercedCast Breaking Progressives Libertarian Comments Economics, Why Not? Podcast &amp; Vlogging: Tips &amp; Tricks Better Today

By Alex Merced

Empire Files show

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The podcast version of a documentary &amp; interview series on war and inequality from the heart of Empire hosted by Abby Martin. New episode every week on teleSUR english.

By Empire Files