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Garden Guys Green Revolution Talk Radio  show

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Green Revolution Radio! The Garden Guys talk about the latest products, tools, methods and topics, for "green" living along with great music and lots of laughs.

By The Garden Guys

ChilePodcast show

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First Educatinal Podcast from Chile.````Dear friends:````As and old time dxer or short wave listener, that I have changed the SWL hobby Of International Radios on Short wave, (Dxing) by the Internet, I have the pleasure to let you know that as May 17, 2005, International Day of Communication, you can download and listen the First Podcasting Produced and poscasted from San Fernando Chile, to all Internet surfers of the world.````If you have time and are interested in listening this first program from San Fernando, you can visit my website, where you can download the MP3 file for a later listening on your PC or MP3 player. ````This is my site: ````I remain for your questions, comments and suggestions about my first program.````At the same time, I?ll be very thankful if you could send this mail to your Contacts, and distribute this news on your web site, in order to promote this new technology of communication.````Programme contents:````Both my wife and I are Christian Teachers and we would like to podcast poetry, Chilean music, the history of Dxing in Chile, Bible reading and greetings from listener.````My podcast are in Special Spanish because I want reach all the people on the internet that are interested in learning my mother tongue Spanish.````Also we would like to be in touch through this technology with fellow Spanish Teachers as a Second Language and their students of Spanish language.````Sincerely, and God Bless you all.`````` ``Carlos Toledo Verdugo``Primary School Teacher``Profesor de Educaci󮠇eneral Bᳩca``San Fernando - Sexta Region - Chile``

By Carlos Toledo

Rebecca Juro Show show

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The musings and rantings of a male to female transsexual Internet radio political talk show host. Yes, it's just as interesting as it sounds...

By Rebecca Juro

M Radio SIG show

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Spoken word and Old Time Radio

By Ralph Johnson

John McLuckie Show Podcast show

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The John McLuckie Show broadcasts on Oban FM in the West Highlands of Scotland, featuring local bands, special guests, regular football prediction competitions and the Oban FM quiz.

By John McLuckie

Truth-Driven Thinking show

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"Skepticism 101" is the best description of this real-time journey of inquiry through the eyes of a real, everyday, emotion-driven human. Stephen Gibson is on a quest of discovery using a new form of critical thinking that he calls Truth-Driven Thinking. It's his personal quest to find ever-elusive "truth", amidst the hype and information overload of today's world. Guests who've helped him on the way include: Michael Shermer on science and evolution; Bishop John Shelby Spong on the "Sins of Scripture"; Tom Harpur on the historicity of Jesus; Paul Campos on "The Obesity Myth"; Dr. Robert Price on New Testament truth; Joe Nickell and James Randi on paranormal investigations; Dr. David Pimentel on ethanol; and Dr. Jerry Hoffman on evidence-based medicine. Science, reason, and skepticism are the tools to be used, but without ignoring both the humor and the fascinating reality of our human, emotional experience. It's a quest for intellectual honesty and free inquiry: part instructions for skeptic wannabes, part "learning by way of open dialogue", part audioblog of real-time personal discovery. No sacred cows, Steve critically examines everything from paranormal beliefs, "drunk driving" statistics, circumcision, miracle health cures, health and obesity, prostitution, drugs, religion, philosophy, atheism, Christianity, conspiracy theories, psychology, urban legends, paradigms and heuristics, epistemology and much more. Please join the conversations in pursuit of truth driven thinking!

By Stephen L. Gibson

WWRL show

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Urban Talk and Current Affairs

SPiN - Super Powerful Networking Talk Show show

SPiN - Super Powerful Networking Talk ShowJoin Now to Follow

On March 27 2006, SPiN publicly launches its first podcast talk show and in the process, breaks new ground for business networking organizations. SPiN - Super Powerful Networking is the first business networking organization, which brings it’s members together in weekly chapter meetings, to host a podcast talk show based around interviewing small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals for the benefit of it’s listener audience.

By Erik Davenny

Newsmaker Interviews | PBS NewsHour Podcast | PBS show

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The best of the in-depth interviews between the NewsHour and key domestic and international leaders.

By PBS NewsHour

YouthCast from PRX show

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Direct, blunt, honest, funny, emotional, real -- these are youth voices telling their stories their own way. YouthCast features a new youth-produced piece each week from Generation PRX -- a project that connects youth radio producers and brings youth voices to public radio and beyond via the Public Radio Exchange. Visit to learn more.

By YouthCast