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Practical Evidence Podcast show

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Practical evidence was started as a means to get the important clinical policies and guidelines out there to the docs working in the pits. Journal publications do not address the learning needs of the current generation of Emergency Physicians. Asynchronous learning just makes more sense for our current lifestyles.

By Scott D. Weingart, MD FCCM

D4 Pilates show

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Regular podcasts to supplement your Pilates classes, introduced by Christie Seaver of D4 Pilates. Make these ten minutes sequences part of your daily routine.

By D4 Pilates

The Period Party show

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The Period Party is what happens when you get three women’s health experts unscripted, uncensored, and on the air, chatting about all you ever wanted (and maybe didn’t want) to know about periods, fertility, and women’s health. Nat Kringoudis, Nicole Jardim, and Elle Griffin join forces to bring laughter, love, and learning to all our favorite endocrine and reproductive topics. Think of it as girl talk gone menstrual!

By Nat, Nicole, & Elle

Big Country Publishing Radio with Christina Winslow show

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Big Country Publishing Radio is an international show focused on inspiration, empowerment, and promoting consciousness. We feature authors, speakers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and inspirational guests from around the world. We invite you to join us and call in as we talk about topics that will contribute to your life and to the world!<br> <br> Big Country Publishing is a fast growing self-help and transformational multi-media products publisher with authors and artists from around the world. We are committed to publishing products that are focused on entertaining you, healing the planet and contributing to your life in a positive way.<br> <br>

By Contact Talk Radio

Performance Nutrition show

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Podcast provided by The Performance Nutrition Show, hosted by Dr. Jose Antonio and Carla Sanchez is the first radio web and podcast that explores the latest sports nutrition science as well as real-world training and dieting techniques for the fitness enthusiast. This show is for those with an appetite for cutting-edge information delivered in an entertaining format. The show was co-created by Dan Solomon, executive producer of Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, The Voice of Professional Bodybuilding.


Mental Health Exposed - show

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Join Mike Bundrant and guests as they reveal strategies for achieving natural mental health and expose incompetence and fraud in the mental health and personal development industries.


Life by Design Worldwide show

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Join health and wellness experts Dr. Jamie Richards, Dr. Joel Richards and Dr. Kresimir Jug for Life By Design. An in depth look at the philosophy, science and art of living well. Does cholesterol cause heart disease? What's the best type of exercise for fat loss? Butter or margarine? Creating health in a modern world seems pretty confusing. By simply understanding how to eat, move and think congruently with your body's design, you can tap into the unlimited potential for health that lies within you. Life By Design is a path back towards living the life you deserve.

By The Wellness Couch

Zen Habits (Castify) show

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Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness.

By Castify LLC

Zen Habits: Most Popular Posts (Castify) show

Zen Habits: Most Popular Posts (Castify)Join Now to Follow

Want to get started with Zen Habits, one of the most popular blogs on the Internet? Start with these 20 posts, chosen by the author, Leo Babauta as the best for getting started. If like these articles, we think you’ll love a subscription to the audio version of Zen Habits. You’ll get every new post on the blog delivered as audio.

By Castify LLC

“Finding You In The Goo” With Ken Bechtel show

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Join Ken and his expert guests for life changing guidance about how to get from the life you are leading to the life you desire. And have fun getting there.

By Finding You in the Goo