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Punky! Radio show

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Half an hour of X-rated music and mayhem from The Heart of Sherwood Forest featuring tracks you've never heard before, expressions you've never heard before and jokes you'll never want to hear again - all hosted by Paulyb (everyone's favourite outlaw) and Butch Tony (everyone's favourite bandit).

By Paul B. Edwards and Tony Hearn

Al Bill and David Watch TV show

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Al, Bill and David like to watch TV. Mostly Sci-Fi. And they like to chat while watching. We record this chatter and put it up for download, so others can listen along while watching the show. We hope to entertain you and perhaps enhance your appreciation of the material.

By Al, Bill and David

Suffolk 'n' Cool show

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Astonishingly cool music, technology and people from this allegedly "sleepy" corner of eastern England. Suffolk 'n' Cool is the answer to lot of people's needs. New music, fresh content and an independent voice, automatically downloaded for free to your computer and (if you have one), to your MP3 player/iPod. New content in manageable chunks that you can listen to whenever and where-ever you like. How cool is that?

By Peter Clitheroe

Ilumicast show

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Podcast do site A visão nerd sobre qualquer coisa!

By Iluminerds

Visual Impressions with Joe DiMaggio show

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Are you looking to add impact to your photography? Let yourself be pulled into the creativity and emotion of sophisticated and notable photographer, Joe DiMaggio.   Joe's compelling and imaginative experience in photography will guide you towards learning unique techniques on how to best record space and time.  Joe’s vision will help you learn to recognize and utilize the elements around you to create the most breath-taking images.  If you want to make better photos, don’t miss this great podcast.

By Adorama Photography TV

DSLR | Video Skills with Rich Harrington show

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Excited about creating video on your DSLR? Want to learn about time-lapse, video editing, and lighting? This podcast will help you improve both your video and photography skills! Join award-winning director and certified instructor, Rich Harrington as he guides you through in-depth tutorials for both new users and pros. Check out these easy-to-follow videos that are a perfect way to advance your video and photography skills. From the basics of motion and sound to more advanced lessons on special techniques such as editing with Adobe and Apple software, each episode will have you shooting better video with your digital SLR camera in no time!

By Adorama Photography TV

Photo on the Go with Joe McNally show

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Whether you are taking a photo for the first time or have mastered the art of photography, internationally acclaimed photographer, Joe McNally has tips and advice that will enhance your skill set.  Join Joe on the road as he travels to inspiring places and shares professional and creative tips on how to prepare and execute brilliant images.  Learn what it takes to plan, set, shoot, and present amazing photography. Joe’s vision and creativity will inspire you to capture even better photos with every click.

By Adorama Photography TV

3B RADIO show

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3B RADIO show on KXNA New Rock 104.9 THE X!


Star Trek: Dimensions Podcast – Giant Gnome Productions show

Star Trek: Dimensions Podcast – Giant Gnome ProductionsJoin Now to Follow

Star Trek Audio Drama From Giant Gnome Productions. After the USS Churchill is destroyed, its crew is forced to travel to the mirror universe. "In space, even the bravest sometimes face their worst nightmares...nothing has prepared us for the enemy we fight now: Ourselves. In the Mirror Universe, up is down...good is evil...and we... are just trying to survive." - Captain Francis Reeves

By Giant Gnome Productions

Discovery Channel CME show

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Welcome to Discovery CME, an entirely new way to earn free CME credit, brought to you by the leader in health media, the Discovery Channel. Join us as we go beyond static journal articles and didactic lecture presentations to deliver CME that's credible, dynamic, and relevant, with the quality and depth you've come to expect from Discovery Channel

By Discovery Communications, LLC