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The Official BNI Podcast show

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The Official BNI Podcast is a weekly discussion with Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder and Chairman of BNI, the world's largest business networking organization.

By Dr. Ivan Misner

The Likeable Expert Podcast show

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"Michael Katz's Podcast on E-Newsletters" focuses on helping businesspeople increase sales, by showing them how to create and manage an effective electronic newsletter. It's published every other Friday.

By Michael Katz

McKinsey Quarterly Audio show

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Separate the signal from the noise by listening to articles from the audio edition of the McKinsey Quarterly, which since 1964 has shed fresh light on the biggest management challenges facing global leaders.

By McKinsey Quarterly

Contrary Public Speaker show

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Communications Coaching for Executives and Those That Want to be Them. Communication is one of the most critical skills in business today. Listen to The Contrary Public Speaker for tips, commentary and answers to your questions to help you develop the skills you need to succeed!

By LeeAundra Temescu

The Ultimate Entrepreneur with Jay Abraham show

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The Ultimate Entrepreneur with Jay Abraham Jay Abraham is widely considered the world's preeminent business growth expert – a mammoth force in original thinking. Certainly, he’s legendary in entrepreneurship circles. Advisor/mentor/masterful thinking partner to a wide spectrum of famous/iconic entrepreneurs. Referred to by many as the consultant’s consultant, he has personally advised/counseled over 300 prominent business experts. Jay is a leading authority on global entrepreneurship, with published works in China, Japan, United Kingdom and the former USSR. He is the creator of “The Strategy of Preeminence”, empowering some of the highest value-based companies in the world. Jay has authored best-selling books on a variety of topics that inspire business growth and development. He charges a daily consulting fee of $50,000. He currently has five new books in-process, ranging from one with Shark Tank star, Daymond John, another with the former CEO of Adidas and Speedo, and another with the CEO-Coach to the Department of Defense/Co-Founder of the Harvard Leadership Study. Jay's body of work spans more than three decades and has generated an estimated $9 billion dollars of capital increases - within hundreds of industries. These podcasts contain provocative conversations with many of the world's most successful, inventive and respected entrepreneurs who share fresh facets of their knowledge on How to Achieve Greater Personal/Business/Emotional Wealth Creation. Some of the interviews and conversations are migrated from Jay's national radio program and others are exclusive to iTunes. Inspirational, yet highly actionable, educational and thought-provoking, yet super-logical, these free downloads are co-hosted by Manhattan entrepreneur and veteran broadcaster, Paul Durante.

By Jay Abraham and Paul Durante

Make Some Noise show

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Make Some Noise is not a mental health podcast. It’s also not an art podcast. Make Some Noise is not a prescription for happiness. Make Some Noise is conversations about prioritising creative expression as a tool for self actualisation. Creative expression is an important part of staying connected to yourself and expressing your emotions in healthy ways. In times gone by creativity was an integral part of community life: we sang, we danced and we created (weaving baskets, creating costumes, etc) and these days it’s an after thought. Something we do if and when we finish everything else on our to-do lists. Karly Nimmo is setting out to change that. She wants to bring what is seen as ‘frivolous’ and ‘indulgent’ to the forefront. Make it a priority. In Make Some Noise Karly explores whether there are legit links between how we live today and the epidemic levels of mental health issues we are currently experiencing. Join us for conversations with professionals in the mental health space; psychologists, psychotherapists, art and music therapists. Plus stories of real life stories of how self expression can play an important role in improving mental wellbeing.

By Karly Nimmo

Three and a Half Degrees: The Power of Connection show

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Our ability to connect has never been stronger. In the past, the only way to connect with others was in person or through less immediate channels. Today, technology has created endless opportunities for people to connect. Instantaneous communication has enabled the world to become closer than we ever imagined and it’s sparked a fundamental change in culture. We’re no longer six degrees apart – technology has squeezed this distance from person to person. Today, we are separated by three and a half degrees. This podcast explores the benefits, opportunities and challenges of this new proximity; bringing together unexpected pairings of business leaders, mavericks and entrepreneurs who share surprising parallels in values, visions, experiences and ideas. Hosted by David Fischer, Facebook’s VP of business and marketing partnership, this journey of exploring connections aims to bring the world closer together through common lessons as we set out to build new businesses, paradigms, products and movements in today’s ever connected age.

By Facebook

OnPaper show

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On Paper Series, a podcast brought to you by NewPage Corporation, North America's leading manufacturer of coated paper. More at

By NewPage Corporation

Working on Purpose show

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WORK. For some, its utter lack of perceived significance makes them desperately want for something more, while for others being on the job allows the highest level of fulfillment and even provides a centering life purpose. Think about it: We spend at least a full third of our lives either preparing for work via school or actually being in the workforce. Why not look for ways to maximize the meaning, positive sentiment, and performance contribution associated with it? This show explores timely topics about work to help listeners more meaningfully and productively connect with their work, while helping organizations to do the same for their employees. Anyone looking for guidance, inspiration, and examples on how to get unstuck at work or move to a higher level of meaning or contribution will enjoy tuning in. We’ll hear from experts with keen insights into their fields as they relate to meaningful and productive work, and from authors who have contributed their understanding to the topic of work, leadership, business, and work-life integration. Working on Purpose airs live Tuesdays at 6 PM Eastern Time on W4CY Radio.<br><br>Working on Purpose Radio Show is broadcast live at Tuesday's at 6PM ET on W4CY Radio (<a href=""></a>) part of Talk 4 Radio (<a href=""></a>) on the Talk 4 Media Network (<a href=""></a>). This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (<a href=""></a>).

By Talk 4 Radio

Carlo Pagliai - Compravendita Conforme immobiliare show

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L'immobiliare trasparente, sicuro e senza sorprese, basato sulla conformità urbanistica ed edilizia; una guida per orientarsi nella giungla della burocrazia, nelle ristrutturazioni edilizie, negli investimenti immobiliari e compravendita - Ascolta anche su iTunes, iPhone e Spotify.<br>La conformità e rispondenza degli immobili alle norme urbanistiche rappresenta il principale valore dell'immobile e della stessa operazione di trasformazione, ristrutturazione e acquisto.<br><br>Per questo devi valutarla assieme a professionisti esperti.<br>Seguimi sul blog <a href=""></a><br>Ricevi nuovi contenuti extra da Telegram <a href=""></a><br>Video <a href=""></a>

By Carlo Pagliai