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Cybergoth Armageddon show

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<center>There are many worlds and many Earths :: In some worlds, magic came to rise as the greater power over religion and science :: <br> <p>War stirs now between man, magic and machine :: These are the key images we have in our world your world is missing ::</p> </center> <br> <center><p><a href="">- -</a></p></center>


Creative Mythology show

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An eclectic mix of original films, music, art and writing by acclaimed film maker and artist David Tarleton. Haunting, funny, dark, whimsical, original. Creative Mythology -- enter a whole new world.

By David Tarleton

Something (rather than nothing) show

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A podcast by Ken Volante. Why is there something rather than nothing? This podcast is a philosophical and psychological exploration into the act of creation (poets, musicians, writers, painters, thinkers, all of us)

By Ken Volante

Fanboy Radio show

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Fanboy Radio (FbR) is a radio talk show about the comic book industry, its art, creators, and fans. Each week, two hours of comics commentary are highlighted by insider interviews with top creators, news, and live calls from listeners like you. Some of the top names in comics have stopped by the show to talk about their crafts, give their opinions, and offer exclusive news items to FbR listeners. Artists, writers, colorists, letterers, Company Execs, etc, have all found their way onto FbR and it's friendly environment. The world of Indie comics and creators, as well as animation, TV, and film, are also well represented in the FbR show archives. Consistently breaking, celebrating, and poking fun at the geeky FANBOY stereotype is a staple of the show. From the most die hard fan to the newest of the new...all are welcome. Casual... loose... smart... fun... this is not your father's comic talk show! Guests have included Joe Quesada, Brian Bendis, Craig Thompson, Stan Lee, John Romita, John Romita Jr., Paul Jenkins, Dan DiDio, Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Scott Kurtz, Robert Kirkman and many, MANY more!

By Meteorite Entertainment Inc.

kunstistrichtig show

kunstistrichtigJoin Now to Follow proudly announces to be one of the first German video podcasts. The subjects are travelogues, design, contemporary art, marketing business. Join us, we are einfallsreich. ist einer der ersten deutschprachigen Videopodcasts. Gezeigt werden Reiseberichte, Beiträge zu Design, zeitgenössischer Kunst und dem World Wide Web. Aus eigener Produktion. Moderation in mehreren Sprachen. Abonnieren lohnt sich.

By made by BRD

Tribbles &amp; Transporters Podcast show

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Three 90s kids revisit and reminisce about all things Star Trek. Sarah's vibe is totally "The Next Generation," while Erin's main squeeze is "Voyager," and Magen loves "Deep Space Nine," but that doesn't stop them from delving into the other shows and movies. Their mission is to discover the unknown, explore the charted regions of the Star Trek universe, and guide newbies through the vast reaches of the franchise. New episodes every Friday/Saturday.

By Erin Brown, Sarah Kenney, Magen Stone

Bad at Sports show

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Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, the series focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.

By Bad at Sports

The Pistache Podcast - Culture, Art &amp; Creativity show

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The Pistache Podcast - No subject is out of bounds, but Nick &amp; Jamie mainly discuss topics related to Culture, Art and Creativity. They interview artists, musicians &amp; other creative people to find out more about their motivation, creative process &amp; work ethic. They also discuss &amp; review art, movies, books &amp; anything else from modern culture.* WIN FREE ART *

By Pistache

Art a GoGo Podcast show

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The Art a GoGo podcast features news, reviews and commentary about art that is entertaining and accessible. Discussions about art news and museum exhibits in a clear, no nonsense style. Art speak is not spoken here, just art information without those nasty side effects. Want to learn more about art? We do too! Join us in our quest to explore the world of art. Our goal is to educate and entertain. Most of all, we want to encourage you to experience and enjoy art for yourself! Art a GoGo - It's art over easy!


Homes and Interiors Scotland Podcast show

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Love design, interior style, architecture, art and everything in between? The Homes &amp; Interiors Scotland podcast is essential listening. Whether you’re just setting up your first home, a well-established renovator, or in the industry, we’ll curate insightful guests who can offer insight into the world of homes and interiors in Scotland, and across the globe.

By Peebles Media Group