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Summary: HANDGUNS                 Here is a blog sure to start arguments. There are more opinions about handguns than there are shooters – and that is quite a lot. This blog will look at handguns from the issues of type and utility. To start, there are three basic handgun types: Revolvers, automatic pistols (ACP) and derringers. Each type is available in numerous calibers.  There are two areas of major argument:  revolvers vs (automatic) pistols, and  9mm vs .45 cal. automatic pistols. Let’s take derringers first since there are fewer issues. These are small, break-action, highly concealable handguns, usually double barreled. Their utility is self-defense at close range. Effectiveness depends on caliber, distance from target and shot placement. Revolvers evoke the romance of the Old West, the era that saw them evolve into prominence. Revolvers are available in calibers from .22 to .50, with mid-range weapons in .32, .38 and .357 being most common. Larger calibers, such as .44’s; .45’s and .50’s are generally used for hunting or specialized competitions. Revolvers may come in single-action, which requires cocking the hammer before a shot can be fired and double-action which allows the trigger pull to rotate the cylinder, cock the hammer and fire the shot. Revolvers are extremely reliable and can handle powerful magnum ammunition. They are slower to reload and have relatively limited ammunition capacity (usually 5 or 6 shots). Automatic pistols have corresponding advantages and disadvantages.  You can keep one unloaded and be ready to shoot in seconds by inserting a full ammo clip. High capacity magazines can give you 15-30 shots. They are relatively flatter than revolvers and easier to carry concealed. They can be very accurate. They are primarily defensive handguns and generally not used for hunting. The automatic pistol argument, 9mm vs .45 cal, stems from the US military adopting the international 9mm as its standard issue firearm, replacing the venerable .45. Both have their ardent advocates. Here is a summary of the arguments: .45 – heavier bullet, larger wound channel, greater  likelihood of a one-shot stop,  ammo reasonably available, good accuracy. 9mm – faster bullet, nearly same penetration as .45, better accuracy, faster  follow-up shots, greater magazine capacity, plentiful and  cheaper ammo. Revolver or ACP; 9mm or .45 – You choose. The post Prepper Handguns Arms and Ammunition appeared first on Closet Preppers. The post Prepper Handguns Arms and Ammunition appeared first on Closet Preppers.