Energy Healing for Kids with Special Needs: Guest Paul Wong

Real Life Radio show

Summary: For families who have children with special needs, this is the show you will want to tune into! Our special guest, Paul Wong has agreed to do LIVE energy healing for your children. All you have to do is call in! Paul Wong is a professional facilitator, instructor, and coach focused on consciousness work for rapid healing, and personal and professional performance. Paul started his holistic career as a Certified Yuen Practitioner and was personally trained by Grandmaster Yuen. Now, he has developed a consciousness shifting system based on his experiences working with thousands of people globally and the synthesis of the various healing arts from the Yuen Method, Qigong, Chinese medicine, EFT, hypnotherapy, Reiki, Bodytalk, Vortex Healing, Release Technique, Matrix Energetics, and other spiritual and mystical practices. To find out more about Paul, please visit his web site at