Episode 21: Sherlock Holmes at the Movies (Part 1)

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere show

Summary: Well, it's been in the news quite frequently lately. The new Sherlock Holmes movie has brought new life to the literary franchise we all know and love. But Holmesians have a number of questions: how is it? Does Robert Downey, Jr. make a decent Holmes? Is the "bromance" just a little too much for the purists? Will those raised on Rathbone be able to stand the latest reincarnation? To help us answer these questions and perhaps raise a few more, Scott and Burt are joined in this episode by Sherlockian film critic David F. Morrill, BSI ("Count Von Kramm"), a man who owns as many as 10,000 movies - some of which are actually worth watching. David helps us discern what makes a good cinematic Holmes, shares his picks of the best film editions of The Sign of the Four, and shares his opinion on how Downey stacks up while dressing down. Listen now: Links: 2008 Baker Street Journal Christmas Annual - Reading the Signs: Some Observations and Aperçus on Film and Television Adaptations of The Sign of the Four David's picks for the best versions of The Sign of the Four: the Ian Richardson version, the Jeremy Brett outing, and the Matt Frewer edition. Sherlock Holmes: the Complete Series, featuring Ronald Howard For those interested in the other cartoons & films mentioned in passing: Secret Squirrel, Wile E. Coyote and Animal House can be found here. Download this episode by right-clicking the icon and selecting "Save As..." (File size: 25.6 MB, 27:56 )