Women and naturism

Naturist Living Show show

Summary: Of the two genders, women get the most pressure from society to meet to unrealistic expectations of physical beauty. That is one of the reason that women benefit most from being a naturist but it is also why they have the hardest time trying naturism. For a woman, the idea of being nude in a social setting is fraught with fears related to a lifetime of sexual objectification and subconscious attacks on their self-esteem. In this episode, we explore how women in naturism overcame some of these barriers and what they get out of living a naturist life. We also review strategies for convincing someone to try naturism.  To summarize the strategies presented: Review your own motivationBe open and confident about naturismBe sympathetic and understandingTry a therapeutic approachBe patientBe very careful of the first experience & praise gently Links to items mentioned in the show:  CBC (Outfront has been canceled and the show "What not to wear" is no longer available.)University of Western Ontario Women's StudiesAnxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA)Stina SiegGymnophobia - Expisode XIVWhy Clothing-Optional doesn't work – Episode VIII Episode XVII