Morley Schloss

Naturist Living Show show

Summary: Recounting a first-time experience and a conversation with Morley Schloss; one of the most important leaders of the naturist movement. He is co-owner of Sunsport Garden, the only original member of the Naturist Action Committee that is still serving, a topfree rights activist, long-time member and past president of Naturist Rochester, a prolific writer on naturist issues and so much more! Links to items mentioned in the show:Sunsport GardensNaturist RochesterNaturist Action Committee (NAC)Naturist Education Foundation (NEF)Topfree Equal Rights Association – information about Gwen Jacobs, the Rochester 7 and general topfree news and information.Home movie of 1969 Woodstock Festival (includes the skinny-dipping in the pond)Canadian Clubs that Morley first visited: Lilly ValleyGlen Echo/TGSFour SeasonsPonderosaSun Valley Gardens Episode XXII