Mormon Truth #11-Famous Mormons #1

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Summary: Mormon Truth Podcast #11-Famous Mormons In The Media #1 This is hopefully only the first installment of many to come, of "famous Mormons in the media." In this installment, I discuss Shawn King's (Larry King's wife) recent appearance on the Howard Stern Radio show along with the actual interview. There were a lot of questions regarding her "magic or lucky garments." She laughs through most of the interview, wondering why Howard wants to keep his mind and the topic on her "magic underwear and sex life." Gee, like she didn't know whose show she going to be on? Cut the naive act please!! Meanwhile, her Dad is stomping around absolutely furious in the green room, as Howard just can't stop talking about her "magic underwear."This is hilarious and I think you guys are gonna love it!! For those that are easily offended and don't like sexual innuendo or topics, then this podcast isn't for you and I highly suggest that you don't listen to it. This is why I have the explicit label on my podcast, as you never know what I'm going to talk about or present. Take care everyone and enjoy!! I look forward to your comments. Samuel the Utahnite Originally published on March 27, 2006