Mormon Truth #14-A Mormon Apologist-Part 1

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Summary: Mormon Truth Podcast #14-An Interview With Jared, A Mormon Apologist-Part 1 This is part 1 of 4, of an interview with a great guy named Jared. Eric, from "The Living Truth Podcast", invited both Jared and myself, onto his show, so that we could all share our views on Mormonism. Jared is a current, faithful, active, member of the Mormon Church and wanted to explain his view on things and where Eric and I are going wrong in our analysis of the Mormon Church. In part 1, Jared explains why he wanted to come on the show with both of us, and he also gives his description of how the Mormon Church came to be. We discussed the First Vision, the apostasy, and the differences between the Bible and Book of Mormon. We also discussed the fact that God the Father lives on Kolob and has polygamous wives, according to Mormon doctrine. I also brought up the fact that there is not one shred of "REAL" evidence, of any kind, of the Book of Mormon people, battles, wars, cities, etc, especially in and around the Hill Cumorah in New York, where it should be plentiful. I also asked Jared who the Lamanites are and where they are located, since the Book of Mormon was written primarily and specifically for them, according to the title page. I think that you guys will really enjoy this a lot!! Thanks again everyone for listening and stay tuned for parts 2-4, coming soon. Samuel the Utahnite Originally Published on Saturday, April 15, 2006