Chocolate Cake Radio show

Summary: HYPERMASCULINTY VS. HYPOMASCULINITY. Where does HE FALL? we go again. JODECI vs. BOYZ II MEN.  The time honored struggle between "the poetry guy"  and...well... "NO BITCHASSNESS".  Can there EVER be a happy medium between the sensitive guy (paging Ralph Tresvant & Carl Thomas...)  and the macho guy ( ...pause Ike Turner. Just ...pause.)  and the EMO WRECK. (...stop playing the Donny Hathaway please?) CHOCOLATE CAKE WONDERS...what is a REAL man? Have BLACK MEN really defined what being a real man is or has this "no bitchassness" thing gone WAAAY too far?  AND how much does insecurity play into these roles? IS it a warning sign of much more dangerous behavior down the road?  PLUS: How NOT to get stuck in the  "Mommy"  zone with men. (If you want hair grabbin' /bootie slappin' sex ever again...that's the LAST thing you want!!) A FRESH NEW SLICE OF THE CAKE!! WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 9PM! (EST)