Chocolate Cake Radio show

Summary: Hey there "Supportive Suzie"! Way to go female version of "Captain Save 'Em"!  You're his ROCK! You're ALWAYS there for him!  There through thick and thin... (and mostly through thin). But are you enabling a DND ( Do-Nothing Dude) and then complain when they continue to...well DO NOTHING? When does "support" (financial/emotional) becomes "door mat"? Are you doing the MOST while he's doing...well...NOTHING? Should you ever expect a ROI?  CHOCOLATE CAKE wonders... how much support can actually be CRIPPLING to your partner and devastating to your relationship? PLUS: SEEKING ARRANGEMENTS? Why some women are calling Gold Digging an alternative lifestyle. (Really? Will there be a parade?)  THE CAKE IS ON... TONIGHT AT 9PM (est)